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Work with president

To the editor:

I commend President Obama for his positive comments in his State of The Union address. 

He spoke on gun violence here in the United States. Mr. Obama stated that all the victims of gun violence deserve a vote by Congress.

I know we all can agree on this issue considering the last killings of innocent school children. 

Also President Obama stated there should be an increase in the minimum wage to $9 an hour, and I know we all can agree on that.

One cannot live decent at the current level. It is a shame the USA, the wealthiest country in the world, has people living in poverty. 

So we hope that Congress will work with President Obama to pass this legislation.

John Woody

South Boston


Where are the trees?

To the editor:

As one drives throughout Halifax County from one end to the other, there is one thing that really stands out lately. It’s acres upon acres of trees that have been cut down. 

I will agree that there’s great money to be made in the lumber business. But Halifax County does not go on forever. It has borders. 

What’s going to happen when there are no more trees to cut down here? Has anyone else thought of this?

Paul DuPont