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Commend congress

To the editor:

I commend the outgoing congress on passing legislation to avoid going over the fiscal cliff. 

We must encourage our elected officials to work together to continue to get legislation passed for the good and well being of all the American people. 

As we all know, the majority of the time many in congress oppose legislation that President Obama has presented. So let us hope and pray that the new congress will work with the president to get vital legislation passed and not be afraid of the word compromise.

I also commend the Halifax County/South Boston NAACP for presenting the Cora Tucker award to Halifax Circuit Judge Joel Cunningham. 

The award is presented to a deserving person who has exemplified dedicated service to the community, and Judge Cunningham has certainly lived up to all those standards and more. 

He is really concerned about all people, and he has earned a much-deserved award.

John Woody

South Boston


God is real, believe it

To the editor:

When you went to bed last night did you pray to God to give you another day or did you take for granted that you would wake up? 

Believe it. It was God who gave you another day. Why is it so hard for people to give God the credit for their lives. Is it easier to believe that we do things on our own? You didn’t give yourself life, God did. 

 Our country is gradually losing all the good values that it was built on. Men and women lost their lives building a nation that believed in truth, honesty, freedom and that all men were created equal under God. From then until now what has happened to us? 

Our society today is gradually going from good to evil; from building it up to mass destruction; from living for God or for living for hatred and stabbing our fellow Americans in the back. 

 I read a letter to the editor where a woman got upset because another woman the week before had written something about controlling men and women. That wasn’t the part of the letter that upset me the most. It was the part that she talked about the Bible. 

To people who don’t believe the Bible is a source of knowledge and that it should be discarded, I feel like they haven’t read it or they should. The Bible is the greatest book ever written. 

When I need answers, I go to my Bible, and I find my answer I need to find. If you don’t believe the Bible is real, then your faith in God really needs a rude awakening. 

If I were a person who feels this way about God’s words, I would get down on my knees and ask God to forgive me. Most of all, I’d pray for these people to realize that God is real, and everything in the Bible is true. 

I ask God every day to let me know what I can accomplish for him. He has never let me down. If I had any person in control of my life, it would definitely be Jesus. After all he died on the cross and saved my life and took my sins away and promised me everlasting life. I’m not afraid to die because I know where I’m going. Can these people who forsake him and disrespect the Bible say the same? 

We all have to answer to him one day and give an account of our life. 

Before I close my eyes at night, I thank God for this day, and I ask him if it be his will not mine to give me another day and let me do everything I can to help my fellow man.

 We live in a country where everyone is doing their best to take God out of everything. What a pity? What a wonderful country we could have if we only put God in charge. 

My prayer to everyone is “Love thy neighbor as thy self.” And do unto others as you would have them do unto you.  

May God bless you,

Patricia Holt

South Boston


Another big win

To the editor:

For those keeping track of Obama’s achievements, here’s one not to miss…another big win for Obama. 

The fiscal cliff legislation produced a whopping $62 billion mother load of new taxes on the rich. Wow, he sure does know how to punish those tax-cheat millionaires and billionaires.

Oh, but wait. Did the liberal press say anything about him giving nearly $68 billion in tax breaks to a few of his closest friends? I think not. It would mean he increased the debt by $6 billion to protect his friends and talking about that wouldn’t really help his image.


Dan Shaw


President never
mentioned gun control

To the editor:

I cannot understand why some of the local gun dealers attributed the recent spike in gun sales to the re-election of President Barack Obama, when President Obama never mentioned guns or gun control during his first four years in office. 

Lealand D. Luck

South Boston


Wish list for 2013

To the editor:

Here is my wish list for 2013:

America finally realizes that God is the only real solution to our problems

 A breakthrough in our economy with new jobs created and people making an effort to buy products that are “made in U.S.A.”

 Government makes it a top priority to solve gun control

 Putting an end to hunger and homelessness

 Finding a cure for cancer

 Using alternative types of power on a larger scale 

 Democrats and Republicans working together to solve problems 

 Atlanta finally making it to the Superbowl.

Paul DuPont



Market county in the north

To the editor:

With so many houses for sale in Halifax County and the Town of South Boston, I think it would be a great idea for our local officials to market our county in the north around the areas where Hurricane Sandy did so much damage to peoples’ homes and lives. 

We live in a wonderful area for families and retirees; it would be a shame not to try to “sell our community” in the hopes of drawing more people to our town. 

This could be accomplished by posting ads in the local newspaper and advertisements in their local media. 

If our empty homes can be bought by others looking to renew their lives, this would be a big economic boost to Halifax County and the Town of South Boston. 

Richard P. Bolgiano

South Boston


End of story

To the editor:

Yahweh is my Father because I have accepted His Son, Yeshua (Jesus Christ) as my Lord and Savior.

“He that is of God hears God’s words, and you hear them not because you’re not of God.” (John 8:47)

One day your knee will bow, and your tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father. (Phil. 2:10-11)

Until then, end of story.

Sheryl L. Luke

South Boston


Before it is too late

To the editor:

When I read the letter to the editor last week written by Emily Marshall it broke my heart, and I believe a few other hearts also in this county and out.

I am so sorry she feels the way she does about God and the Holy Bible.

What could have happened to make a person feel that way?

I prayed to God to help me write a letter in which I could tell what He has done in my life. It has not all been happy, but that’s because I didn’t always live my life for Him.

At the age of about 10, I thought I had asked God into my life, but I hadn’t. I had a head knowledge of God, not a heart knowledge. In my 30s, I did ask God into my life, and I haven’t regretted it at all.

In 2004 and 2005 I was living my life the way I wanted to. I had a great job. I was an EMT, and I was helping people.

On Sept. 16, 2005 I was in a severe car accident that should have ended my life. During the time I was in the hospital, I was told I would never walk again because of a shattered hip joint, and I was to live my life in a wheelchair.

As I laid in the hospital in traction, I began to question was God really in my life. He let me do whatever I wanted and when I wanted, but He never left me. He was there all the time.

I began to pray for God to show me if I knew Him. He answered and said to read John 3:16 and the book of Romans. I began to read, and as I read, I realized He was and is there. He showed me where I was wrong in the way I was living.

I asked for God’s forgiveness and for Him to lead my life from there on, and He has.

Getting back to never walking again, I have had hip replacement surgery, and I do walk some due to things that have happened since then. I have had blood clots, a pulmonary embolus, a bad infection in my leg where the replacement messed up, but I have never given up on God, and He hasn’t given up on me.

He has been with me through all this and still continues.

He has been so good to me. I have read my Bible through a few times since then, and it amazes me what He can show me, something different every time.

Open your heart and mind and read John 3:16 and the book of Romans. I mean really read.

I pray this is done before it’s eternally too late, before God returns for His children. Accept him before it is too late.

Tammy C. Jones



Protect the public

To the editor:

The horrific mass murders that took place in Newtown, Conn. shocked the nation and led to the usual outcry from the usual suspects for more “gun control” to prevent something like this from ever happening. 

The president, always willing to make the most out of a crisis to accomplish his goal of disarming American citizens, is leading the charge to repeal the Second Amendment.

The fact that this act was carried out by a mentally unstable gunman who also murdered his mother prior to going on his rampage at the Newtown school is ignored. Politicians such as the president who would never let a crisis go to waste, Senator Feinstein, Senator Schumer and Mayor Bloomburg refuse to hold the individual who had a mental illness and has shown previous signs of forceful, dangerous behavior, responsible for his actions. 

Rather than find real solutions, these individuals, many of whom hide behind their own protective guards and trained security, purport to seek a conversation on what can safeguard society’s innocents while they denounce attacks on Hollywood movies and violent video games. 

These gun control activists do not seek to cooperate or to have genuine discussions regarding real solutions, but rather demonize gun rights supporters and such organizations as the National Rifle Association at every opportunity while offering no viable alternative to proposals offered by such organizations. 

Wayne LaPierre, the NRA’s executive vice president, on Friday, Dec. 21, advanced proposals which were immediately attacked by the mainstream media and gun right opponents. They demonized his request to call upon Congress to pass a law putting armed police in every school in America and ridiculed his plea to consider the harmful impact that tens of thousands of hours of violence seen by young children has on them before they are 18 years old. 

The liberal media and politicians instead feel these mentally ill individuals will not mindlessly kill school children if legitimate gun owners are stripped of their legal rights to possess a firearm.

The individual who perpetrates the criminal act should be the focus, not the weapon used. In order to try to prevent the next tragedy, this type of violent behavior must be identified, and the individual involuntary removed from society before they have the opportunity to commit such violent acts. 

States like Connecticut and Colorado already have strict gun laws, and still the tragic mass murders were not averted. More and stricter gun laws are not the answer. 

Gun free zones have been called counterproductive by law enforcement. Guns are banned in schools, and that is why shootings happen in schools. A school is a “helpless-victim zone.”

What happened in Newtown, Connecticut is sick, but what makes it sicker is that it keeps happening across our country regularly. 

Until our representatives in the legislature make a serious effort to protect the populous against mentally ill individuals and abusive parents and caregivers, we will continue to be faced with such occurrences as Newtown. 

Barry Bank

South Boston 


Reply to Emily Marshall

To the editor:

How very sad it was to read your letter to the editor on Wednesday, Jan. 2. You said you do not believe in God or the Bible. Why then would you try so hard to discredit both?

Our Bible study group prayed for you Wednesday night, and we will continue to pray for you. It is our prayer that one day you will come to know how much God loves you and how much He wants you to know Him. 

I am so thankful that God is not only real, but His Holy Word is truth. I fully trust Him and His Word. Oh, how I pray that one day you will too. 

Thank you Lord for giving your life to save me and anyone who will come to you through faith in Jesus Christ our Lord. 

Carol L. Conner