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Reply to Dale Snead

To the editor:

I really hope that last week’s misogynistic letter was a joke.  However, judging from my experiences living in this town I understand that, unfortunately, it probably was not.  

So if this truly was legitimate, I feel compelled to say a couple of things.  For one, men do not control women.  That offended me deeply.  I can tell you personally, as a female, that I am not under subjection to any human being.  

No primate is going to control or dominate my life just because their sex differs from my own.  That is ridiculous.  I am not under subjection to your sky daddy Yahweh, either.  Let’s all stop pretending he is real already.  

Were you people all waiting eagerly with bright eyes on the 24th for Santa to come down the chimney?  

I could not care any less what the Bible says.  How dare you try to use it as a justification for hatred, bigotry and subjugation of women?  

Everyone wake up and realize it is not a source of knowledge or a bargaining chip in any argument.  The Bible is a sophomoric book replete with trashy tales of misogyny, rape, genocide, stoning children, etc.  It is an immoral text that needs to go ahead and be discarded, so please stop with that particular bit of hackneyed, circular logic.  

The human species ideally needs to keep advancing, if you don’t mind.

Emily Marshall