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Doom for America

To the editor,

This reply is directed specifically to the writers of the letter in the Dec. 19th edition titled “Thanks for Four More Years Forward,” and those who have no problem with what they’ve written. 

A great many of Obama’s votes came from people who have absolutely no idea of what is going on and couldn’t care less. Then there are even more who keep up with the news, but all they know they get from the liberal press and, sadly enough, believe it. This is the same press that either hides or twists any news that may be detrimental to Obama. 

If you didn’t think The Gazette-Virginian gave enough tribute to Obama’s re-election, there were many good reasons not to. Reasons you’ve probably never heard before, or if you had, you dismissed it.

Consider the fact that since he took office, the number of people having jobs has dropped by 8 million. The number of new jobs reported each month doesn’t even keep up with population growth. ( 

When he took office, 65.8 percent of the workforce had jobs. At the end of his first term only 63.6 percent had jobs. ( Black unemployment increased from 12.7 percent to 14.3 percent, an increase of 13 percent. ( 

And over 100 million people are getting welfare from the federal government. That’s nearly one-third of the total population. (

Despite Obama claiming for the last four years that jobs are his highest priority, his real priority has been class warfare - “That’s why he relentlessly denounces job creators as millionaires and billionaires. That’s why he demands that they be punished with higher tax rates.” ( 

These job creators, the richest 20 percent of all taxpayers who make at least $273,000 a year, already pay 68 percent of all federal income taxes. ( Even though he knows the government will take in more money with lower tax rates, Obama says it isn’t fair not to tax the rich more. 

“The biggest problem with President Obama’s view of tax policy is that he, like most Democrats, sees the tax code not as a way to pay for government, but as a way to redistribute wealth.” (

Have you noticed that Obama doesn’t condemn union violence or put criminal bankers in jail. Those are the groups that pay tribute to whom Jamie Foxx called “Our Lord and Savior - Barack Obama.” (

For me, what is most telling and most disturbing about the character of our newly re-elected president is the way he has handled the Benghazi attack and his refusal to allow help for the four Americans killed there. ( 

That is most disgusting, and certainly not “an accomplishment” he would readily claim. 

“It is undoubtedly worse that Obama simply turned his back on cornered American citizens in a foreign land, knowing undoubtedly they would die. But that Barack did so without any compelling reason—except political—is beyond evil. Only a moral monster would have made that decision when it was within his powers to possibly save them with almost no effort of his own.” (

Four more years of typical Obama “accomplishments” spells doom for America.

Dan Shaw


What will it take?

To the editor:

Ask yourself the question above and see if you can answer it truthfully. 

When you wake up in the morning do you take the time to say ‘thank you Lord’ for another day, or do you just take everything for granted? There was a time when this nation pulled together, prayed together and treated everyone equally.

What happened? Have we forgotten where our roots came from? Our forefathers built this nation on love, stability, honor, religion and most of all freedom for all mankind. We believed in God and let Him lead us in the right path. It was our choice to serve Him, and we let no man and no government tell us any different. Now we let our government dictate to us what we can and cannot do. 

We no longer live in a free world. However, we do live in a society of tragedy, hopelessness and despair. How many tragedies will it take before we wake up and ask God to come back into our lives as well as our nation? How many more will have to lose their lives before our eyes are opened? 

I heard some people say ‘why does God let things happen?’ Wake up people. It isn’t God who allows tragedies to happen. God is a living God, and He shows us every day. People cause tragedies. Have you ever thought perhaps God is tired of being left out? When people lose faith and belief in Him, they lose everything.

This past tragedy has really broken my heart because this time it was 6 and 7-year-old children. 

Here it is Christmas, a time when we celebrate the birth of Jesus; and children are filled with such joy to get up Christmas morning and open their gifts. How would these very young children have known that last Christmas would be their last? 

Consider the parents and siblings they left behind. Instead of joy they are left with heartbreak to endure. These families are broken and have the pain of burying a child days before Christmas. I can’t even imagine the agony they are going through. I pray they will reach out to God for comfort because He will surely hold them in His arms and let them know they’re not alone. 

Friends, please wake up and do what you can to keep this kind of tragedy from happening over and over again. Write to your senators and demand they do something. After all they are supposed to be representing us.

Most of all get down on your knees and ask God to come back into your life. When you feel there is no hope left, just remember God gave the ultimate sacrifice: His Son, Jesus, that we may have everlasting life.

As a mother of four and a grandmother of 10, I pray they all will grow up and serve God and help make this world a better and safer place. Our children will be the future of tomorrow, and if we leave God out of everything, now what does that teach them.

To the families of the children and to the families of the heroic teachers and principal, my prayers are with you. May your days grow brighter, and your sadness be easier to handle. 

All I can say America is please come back to God.

God bless everyone.

Patricia Holt

South Boston


Triangle Volunteer Fire Department says thanks

To the editor:

It is the time of year when we all take stock of our blessings. We at Triangle Volunteer Fire Department realize how lucky and blessed we are to have so many supporters throughout the year — every year.

We have many fundraising activities during the year, and none of them would be profitable without the support and help of the people of Halifax and surrounding counties. Whether it is a person who buys a raffle ticket or an organization that sponsors our haunted trail, we know it is support that keeps our department and others in the county functioning.

Many ladies in our area bake pies, cakes and cookies for our bake sales and suppers that are such a help to us and help with the profit. Many people are willing to give of their time to assist in the many functions of these events.

Our biggest fundraiser of the year is always our haunted trail, and the financial support of the sponsors is so appreciated. The willingness of the businesses in our area to support non-profit agencies such as ours is an example of the benefit of living in a small community. People looking out for people make the world a better place to live.

We would like for everyone in the community to know that we will be here to serve you in any way we can. It is our goal to be there for you when you have an emergency. Our fundraisers help to purchase equipment, pay electric bills and purchase fuel for the vehicles and other items to keep our personnel and community safe.

Whether you bought something from our bake sale, purchased steak supper tickets, came out to our haunted trail, sponsored the haunted trail, let us use some of your equipment during the haunted trail, sent us a donation or purchased a bulb for our tree of lights, we would like for you to know that your generosity has not gone unnoticed.

We also would like to take this opportunity to thank the other emergency departments in our county who have been there to assist. Many times the job is too big for just one department to handle, which is when you can be sure that other departments will be there to stand by your side. For that we are grateful.

During this Christmas season, we want everyone to know how much we appreciate you and wish you a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. God bless everyone and America.

Wendy Bass and 

Triangle Volunteer Fire Department members 



Proposed uranium mining 

 (EDITOR’S NOTE: The following letter was written to the Raleigh News and Observer and sent to area legislators and is reprinted upon request.)

To the editor:

In the article: “Uranium: Buried treasure or hidden threat to NC water” (N&O-12/26/12), Patrick Wales, Virginia Uranium project director was quoted as saying, “if North Carolinians are worried about tailings, they should be comforted to know that we’ve committed to put all tailings below ground.” 

What he fails to say is that prior to being buried, the tailings must be temporarily stored in holding ponds.  During that time, heavy rains, floods, hurricanes, tornadoes or earthquakes could cause a devastating release of radioactive materials downstream throughout the entire middle and lower Roanoke River basin.  

Also, there is no scientific or technical evidence that burying tailings in the geological makeup of Virginia with high water tables can be done safely. 

Uranium mining is a very risky triple threat. 

First is the danger of radon dust releases during the process impacting air quality in all areas within 50 mile radius of the mine site, thereby impacting public health and safety.  

Secondly, the risk to all the natural environmental resources of the basin due to radioactive material contamination in the watershed, and finally the obvious impact to the water supply of hundreds of thousands Roanoke River basin residents. 

I also would like to point out that uranium mining and milling has never been done safely and without contamination anywhere in the United States.  To think that it could be done safely in Southside Virginia with its population proximity to the mine and the natural geology of the southeast is no more than inane and extremely dangerous.

More reliable technical information on this very important issue can be found on and

Gene Addesso

VP and Acting President

Roanoke River Basin Association


Say your New Year prayers

To the editor:

Men, do you wear the pants at home?

Does your wife wear the pants at home?

Are you talked to like a husband or are you bossed around? Are you really loved and adored? Does your wife let you take control as being a man and a husband?

Wives, reverse this question from husband to you.

According to the Bible, men do wear the pants. Take time to read your Bible and hear God’s word on these questions above.

Take time to smell the flowers before it’s too late. Reach for the stars, not the ground. Don’t lose out and let the devil take over. The grass is not greener on the other side.

Put God first. Read your Bible. Pray. Accept the Lord Jesus Christ as Savior.

Women, you are under subjection to your husband, if your husband is right.

Thank you.

Dale Snead

South Boston