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LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Wednesday, Nov. 21

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Madeline’s House relocation update

To the editor:

Remember the old saying, “Smooth waters run deep.”?  Well, the waters at Madeline’s House have been quiet lately, but behind the scenes, a lot is happening. 

For the 13 years Madeline’s House has been at Fort Pickett, it has signed three year leases with Nottoway County.  When the State Department began expressing interest in putting the FASTC training facility at Pickett, Nottoway reduced our lease to six months, renewable until the State Department needed to serve us with a 90-day notice to vacate the property.  

In September, Nottoway County renewed the Madeline’s House lease for another six months, ending March 31, 2013. 

In a recent discussion with the General Services Administration representative, we were told that the notice to vacate is likely to be served late spring 2013.  This date does not match with the one published recently in the Courier-Record of 2014 as being the projected start of building phase.  It is speculated that tenants will need to move earlier in order for preparations to begin for this building phase. 

Long story, short….  Madeline’s House has been steadily working to prepare for receiving the notice to vacate this coming spring.  We have looked at a number of locations in several central counties to our service area.  

We looked for space that might be donated for our use as well as properties for sale.  After long discussions, the board of directors decided to pursue the option of purchasing property, therefore providing a level of insurance against any future displacement that the shelter has not had up to this point. 

In October, the board of directors voted to make an offer on a Blackstone property.  Ever since, the board and staff have been working on a number of things:  securing assistance from counties served by Madeline’s House in funding the down payment, making application for additional funds for this purchase, seeking a lender, talking to county and town authorities about building code requirements and zoning issues, meeting with community members as well as Town Council and Planning Commission members.  

This journey has been challenging.  We need a new home, but in order to relocate we need funds over and above the financial needs to operate the shelter.  

In today’s economy, people often have to choose what they can support.  Not only do we need funds for relocation, but we still need financial support for shelter needs.  Whatever you can do to support us during this time of transition, know that we are very grateful.  Though our gratitude goes without saying, we want everyone who has been there for us to know how much your support means to us. 

Please continue to support us as we continue our transition to a new home. We need monetary donations to go towards our building fund as well as our everyday cost of operating.  We are having a fund raiser Dec. 1, at VUMAC (Blackstone Conference Center) for photo shoots!  Just in time for the holidays…everyone needs pictures.  For a fee of $50 you will get five digital photos and get them printed anywhere…up to 8x10…Christmas mugs…anything that can be printed.  Susan Bolling (writer and photographer) will be taking the pictures and will be sending you the digital photos.  We will be there from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m.  If you would like to make an appointment, contact Julie Howerton at 434-292-1077 .

Julie Howerton

Southside Center for
Violence Prevention

Madeline’s House/
Piedmont Crisis Center


Salvation Army puts kettle donations to work

To the editor:

Have you ever wondered how The Salvation Army uses the kettle donations you generously give us each year?

Well, here are just a few of the ways we have helped your friends and neighbors throughout the year:

In addition to assisting those with sudden, unexpected emergencies, we sent eight deserving children to Camp Happyland this summer;

 Assisted over 100 of our citizens who needed help during the year;

 Provided groceries to over 230 hungry families;

 Paid for lodging for 24 who had nowhere else to go;

 Made 180 of your citizens’ Christmas a little brighter; and

 Our volunteers devoted a staggering 295 hours of their time to help those in need in your community.

So, please give generously at The Salvation Army kettle this year…or sign up to be a bell ringer at a kettle.

You won’t regret it.

The warm feeling you get will last all year long.

Send your generous donation check to The Salvation Army, Attn.: Treasurer Arlene H. Dailey, 109 Greenfield Road, South Boston, VA 24592.

Arlene H. Dailey

South Boston


Veterans’ disability entitlements 

To the editor:

Disabled veterans are entitled to free or reduced taxes on property and vehicles from state and local taxes.

I served in the Army 17th Inf. Regiment in the Korean War from June 1950-1951. 

On Dec. 10, I was wounded near the Yalu River in North Korea. I was treated in Osaka Japan Army Hospital for 43 days. I was rated unfit for further combat duty. I went back to Korea as a cook and served until December 1951.

After 62 years I still suffer from my wounds. My service-connected disability is 50 percent.

Virginia paid for my car tags. 

Halifax has refused to do anything for me.


Eugene Allen