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Tired of neglected entrance

To the editor:

Luckily we have a truck so we can enter the Turbeville trash dump on Melon Road. 

I have never entered the site without having to navigate around huge pot holes full of water.  The opinion page photo was taken Sunday, and I am tired of this entrance being neglected.  

Will my household’s waste disposal fee help fix this problem? 

Jason and Ellen Matthews



Brown family says thanks

To the editor:

We would like to personally thank everyone for their support, prayers, time, donations and financial contributions at the fundraiser for our ongoing efforts to help find our loved one, Hattie Brown.

Words cannot express our appreciation for all that was said and done to make this event a great success. A heartfelt thank you goes out to all in attendance and for all your extra time and support.

Thanks is extended to:

* The Rev. Frank Coleman and The First Baptist Church Family for opening prayer, scripture and words of encouragement.

* Live music by First Baptist Church Male Chorus, We’ve Got Rhythm Dance Academy, Brother Willis Canada, Linda Ewell, Mark and Linda Satterfield, Kermit Wright and The Good Time Band. Thank you for uplifting our spirit with soul stirring gospel, praise dancing and footstomping bluegrass.

* All other entertainers including Tony Logan, the bounce house man, Kathy, Sunshine the Clown and Nellie Jones, the face painting artist. The kids weren’t the only ones enjoying the fun and excitement. Guess what? I was in line for my face painting until I was summoned to another location!

* Car club, bikers and Bobby Conner and his “whatchamacallit,” thank you so much for your support and time in taking us back to yester-years with those breath taking rides.

* The food crew: Jesse Cousin, Bubba, the barbecue man, and the Cuzz Family and Jimmy Wood, “the fish frying man.” All I’ve heard after the event is “Who made the barbecue?” Who fried the fish and could they have your phone number? Great job guys.

*All food servers: Thank you so much for all your hard work, time and energy and for a job well executed in keeping everyone fed and happy.

* The auctioneer: Sammy Watts, “Thank you” for your natural superior ability that it takes for the highest bid. It was so much fun, and everyone enjoyed that auction utter.

*The accountants: Issac and Priscilla, “Thank you” so much for your time and (good) financial report.

*I would also like to thank GCR Company for the website, (see GCR) online and all the news media for the excellent coverage provided for the event.

*A special thank you goes out to American Legion Post 99 for sponsoring the fundraiser and to all our sponsors.

*A heartfelt “thank you” goes out to all others for their financial contributions and donations: food, water, drinks, bread, ice, plastic wrap and bags, desserts, gospel CDs, honey from my “honey man” and all items donated for the auction. 

Most of all, thank you for your kindness but thank you for your love.

God bless you.


Diane Brown and siblings


Believing in the American Spirit: The resolve that refutes liberal ideals of government dependency


To the editor:

Over the past 12 years, I have worked as a part-time associate for Walmart and Sam’s Club. During my employment for “America’s largest retail chain,” I have had the fortunate experience to witness and interact with a diverse demographic of people including various religions, ethnicities, political beliefs, races. 

I have been fortunate to meet many strangers in the beginning of our encounter, and part ways as friends during the conclusion of our meeting. 

Being fortunate to work in a public setting of such magnitude has allowed me to witness and experience the common American resolve that can only be envied by other nations. 

This past September, Hurricane Isaac damaged much of the Gulf Coast, leaving thousands flooded and without power. While working a thousand miles away from the storm-damaged area, I observed a couple purchasing items for the hurricane victims of the Gulf Coast region. Stationed just outside the Sam’s Club building in Lynchburg, Gleaning for the World, a non-profit relief organization, parked its box-truck in anticipation of donations for states impacted by Hurricane Isaac.

Serving as one of many examples, Gleaning for the World is a true testament to the American spirit to uplift one another in times of distress. As the couple that gave to Gleaning to the World on that day, so many other men and women feel an independent obligation to extend themselves to others in time of disaster. 

Liberal ideology often invokes the belief that the American spirit lacks the compassion to assist others in time of need; furthermore, the liberal ideology endorses the government as the best avenue for uplift in times of despair. 

Although government entitlement is seen by some within the ideology of liberalism as the tool for self sufficiency and uplift; fortunately, groups such as Gleaning for the World refute the notion that the American people are incapable of helping each other in times of need. 

My position is not one to dissolve the role of government assistance, after all it does serve a purpose for extreme cases; instead, my position believes that the American spirit services the people far better than any proposed entitlement belief system. 

In short, believing in the American spirit as the first line of defense produces far better results for the individual than teaching the promotion of government dependence.           

Another experience of the American spirit occurred this past July throughout the Central and Northern Virginia area. Leaving thousands without power during record heat-temperatures, a rare, but very effective, derecho left thousands of people displaced over a span of two weeks. 

As thousands of pounds of food had to be discarded due to food-spoilage, thousands of people were forced to seek air-conditioned shelter, away from the extreme heat. Personally, I witnessed people stand in lines at Sam’s Club, awaiting supplies of ice and generators, only for both to be out of stock shortly after arrival to the club and any other surrounding stores.

As expected, the frustrations of the disaster overwhelmed a few; however the spirit of resolve to help one another flourished during the weeks of the derecho. 

Sam’s Club, recognizing several of its associates were without power, supplied meals each day for the associates during the power outage. Liberty University and Thomas Road Baptist Church both opened their doors to the community as cooling shelters and supplied discounted meals for families eating in LU’s dining facility. 

Numerous people purchased items (battery-powered fans, etc.), and offered their homes to those who were without power.      

No one disputes the role of government, especially during times of emergency; however, as we have seen with the FEMA response to Virginia in 2011, the government cannot always be counted on during natural disasters. 

As with every great civilization, despite the extreme-Libertarian argument for indirect anarchy, government is a necessity. The problem with the belief that government can solve all social problems is that it contradicts the very American spirit that our nation was founded upon; which is unity and independence. 

In my opinion, any ideology that believes the government is more necessary in uplift than the American spirit has little understanding or faith of what it means to be American.  

In conclusion, the American spirit is something that most Americans have either experienced or have witnessed at some point in time. 

America is without question, the most charitable nation in the world today thanks to the heart of the American people; not the enforcement of the American government. 

Our spirit to help each other endures because of conviction and a willingness to show genuine compassion for the fellow man. No entitlement can ever replace capabilities of the American spirit and the resolve in which it shows during times of need. 

Melvin D. Whitlock


(Former Halifax County resident)


30 lashes with wet noodle

To the editor:

On Oct. 1, I started to read your report about our current court cases: “Three … men charged in connection with numerous residential break-ins and larcenies ... pleaded guilty to a number of charges in Halifax Country Circuit Court.” 

As I read on, my initial satisfaction that some low-life burglars and thieves had been taken off the streets turned first into amazement and then into rage. 

The first of the three pleaded guilty to 12 charges, got 23 charges nol prossed, and received a 10-year sentence-with all time suspended. 

The second defendant pleaded guilty to 12 charges, had 20 charges nol prossed, and got sentenced to 120 years but will have to serve less than five. 

The third defendant pleaded guilty to one charge, got nol prossed on five charges and was sentenced to 10 years in jail, with all time suspended.

Let us face it: three men who are clearly professional criminals were sentenced to 30 lashes with a wet noodle. 

This episode, by no means is the first of its kind, has been reported in your pages, gives rise to some questions. 

First, what is it with these commonwealth attorneys (allegedly representing you and me and all our fellow Virginians) who settle on these miserable plea bargains? 

Why do they routinely jeopardize the public safety in this way? 

Have their jobs made them so cynical that they simply forget whom they are supposed to be working for? 

Do they settle for plea bargains because they are too lazy to take the time and trouble to put together a case they can take to a jury? 

Or are they so ambitious to become judges that they settle for the appearance of lots of convictions and few acquittals? If so, we need new people and a new incentive structure for their replacements.

Alternately, are our courts so overwhelmed with cases that even inadequate plea bargains really seem to be the only way to cope with the workload? 

If so, let us cut where we have to in the state budget and use the money to apprehend and prosecute the habitual criminals who represent the greatest threat to the public safety-and to put them away for as long as possible.

In the words of John Locke, who helped to inspire the Declaration of Independence, government exists to protect life, liberty and property. 

As things stand with our justice system, we are clearly not getting what government should be giving us and what we are paying for. 

Our commonwealth attorneys, our judges and our elected officials and representatives in Richmond owe it to us to explain the situation and, more importantly, to correct it. 

And we owe it to our families, our neighbors, and our fellow Virginians to insist that it happen.


Sincerely yours,

Mary E. Bakierowski



Pray you make the right choice

To the editor:

Since Obama took office less than four years ago, the national debt has increased over $6 trillion. The national debt is now $16 trillion. If he is re-elected, I’m afraid to even think what it will be after four more years. And this is a man who said President Bush was unpatriotic for $5 trillion debt in eight years. This was after we were attacked and went to war. 

Four of our citizens, one the ambassador to Libya, Chris Stevens and three ex-Navy Seals were killed by Islamist terrorists on Sept. 11, 2012 at the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, on the anniversary of the World Trade Center bombings.  The ambassador was tortured and dragged through the streets. They hate the United States. Now they are protesting, burning our flag and shouting, “kill the Americans.”

Why does this president have a hard time admitting attacks by terrorists over the last four years. 

What did our president do? He made a commercial with Hillary Clinton costing $75,000 of taxpayer money and ran it in the Arab nations, apologizing to the Arab world.

Four Americans were murdered, and he apologized.  He claimed the attack was the result of a controversial film that mocked Islam’s Prophet Muhammad and ignited protests throughout the Muslim world. After a week, he admitted it was a planned terrorist attack.  

Netanyahu, the Prime Minister of Israel asked for a meeting with Obama, to discuss the out of control Middle East. Netanyahu was willing to meet in New York when Obama planned to be there for meetings at the U.N. Our president didn’t have time, too busy campaigning. 

The Mideast is in chaos, and our president is too busy campaigning and going on shows like The View, nighttime comedy with David Letterman and interviews with Barbara Walters. 

He has not met with any of the leaders of the Arab nations to try to solve the problems. Iran is close to developing a nuclear weapon. Ahmadinjad, the president of Iran, has stated he wants to wipe Israel off the map.  

Ahmadinjad announced this week while in New York that Israel could be eliminated. To this Iranian leader, Israel is the little Satan, the United States is the big Satan. He wants to destroy us both. 

Obama either does not care, or he does not understand the danger we are in. 

Obama has divided the country, increased our debt and sued the state of Arizona for tightening up on illegals. He has pushed socialized health care down our throat. They never even read the bill. 

Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House at the time, said, “We have to pass it to know what’s in it.” What is wrong with this picture?

Have you ever signed a legal paper without reading it? 

Democrats had control of Congress and the Senate the last two years of the Bush administration and the first two years of the Obama administration, that’s four years of total control. Yet Obama still blames the Bush administration for his failed policies. 

Obama took $716 billion out of Medicare to pay for his socialized health care. Why aren’t the senior citizens complaining? 

We are broke, yet, they are printing and spending money like crazy. 

He has not passed a budget in over three years. How can this country survive in the direction we are going? What kind of life will our children and grandchildren face? Are we better off than we were four years ago? I say no. 

We have a president who bows down to Islamic leaders. The President of the United States should not bow down to anyone. That’s a sign of obedience, and to other countries, weakness. 

He supports gay marriages. He even supports late term abortion where a baby is pulled from its mother, except for the head, then its brains are sucked out, killing the baby. 

Romney is right. Too many Americans are dependent on welfare. He is talking about the ones who can work but don’t, because they are dependent on the government to take care of them. 

Romney is a proven businessman, He will create jobs, and he gives millions to charity. He will oppose Obama care, He will make us oil independent. 

He will be a strong leader. He understands the threat of Islamic radicals. 

He will not invite the Muslim Brotherhood to the White House and pay them $1.5 trillion, and he will not go overseas and apologize to those who are killing Americans. 

I encourage you to search for yourself. Pray you will make the right choice when you vote in November. God bless our country. 

Barbara Laughorn

Vernon Hill


An energized 


To the editor:

In the first Presidential debate I thought Governor Romney had a great performance. He was sharp, direct and aggressive. His performance surprised the viewing audience. 

President Obama on the other hand seemed almost lifeless, looking down quite a bit and didn’t appear to be as sharp as he usually is. 

 Mitt Romney’s performance energized Romney supporters through the country. I wouldn’t count him out yet in the race for the White House. The race is really close. He could still win this encounter.

Paul DuPont 



You will get caught

To the editor:

It is a shame and disgrace that people do not respect the property of others.  

The residents of Old Mill Road have been the victims of vandalism on many occasions, but this last act is just down right low down.  

In the past we have had empty houses broken into and used for what looked like a party, windows broken, items stolen, gravels spun out of the road, broken glass left in the road, hunters flying down this one lane road, the street sign was broken several times, and once the entire pole was pulled out of the ground.  

Now this week someone has stolen a sign that we had made 19 years ago to show the beginning of our property, the faith we had in God that allowed us to purchase this property and to remind people to slow down because of children playing. This sign along with “No Trespassing” signs were removed from our property.  

We bought this property so we could live in the country and live in peace.  

How would you feel if someone was constantly vandalizing your property?  

Well we can all tell you that it is not a good feeling.  We want the person that did this to know that we are watching even more closely now, and eventually you will get caught. 


Tammy Hayes and other residents of 

Old Mill Road 



Do we win or lose – vote

To the editor:

There was a time when electing a president was considered an exciting historical event. We all anticipated reaching the age when we could vote. After all it was our American right. What has happened to the good old U.S.A.?

Have we all just given up on our values for our country?

People, please wake up before it’s too late for our country as well as for us.

We need to realize that each and every vote counts. This year has been the worst election I have ever witnessed. The two candidates running for the office of President of the United States have had nothing good to say about the other. All that comes out of their mouths is negative and more negative thoughts about each other. 

Our country needs a person who can and will put this country back on the right track. 

First of all, we need a candidate who has God in his life. With God in their life, they could make the right decision every time.

What’s wrong with America – nothing – it’s the people who try to run it. They jump too quick on our country, and its people pay the ultimate price. God is being taken out of everything. 

People just need to realize all things are possible with God.

Now, let’s discuss the two candidates: Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. Since he is the president as of now, let me talk or express my opinion of Obama. As a family man he seems to be a very good one. However, as president, I don’t feel he has the qualifications or leadership to run this country. There are so many things he could have done, but he failed to do them. 

All the promises he made to this country, he hasn’t fulfilled any of them. In the last four years our national debt has skyrocketed, and foreign countries have taken over our jobs. 

A lot of foreigners have come to hate the United States to the point they kill Americans in their country. Too, what other president has ever bowed down to a king or other official. We have a proud country, and we shouldn’t bow down to anyone, anyone except God.

One example is what happened in a foreign country a couple of weeks ago. Not only was our ambassador killed but four other Americans also. What is so dispicable is to see on television that our U.S. Ambassador was dragged through the streets and tortured before a bloody death. And on top of that, it happened on 9-11 of this year.

What does our president do, absolutely nothing. Even though it happened on 9-11, the president doesn’t claim it to be an act of terrorism. Instead he blames it on some movie.

What about the families of these four men who died? The pain, agony and shame they must have felt. I can’t even imagine Mr. President, what these men as well as their families have lived through in the past weeks. 

You have a family – Mr. President: if it were your family, how would you have handled it, and would you blame it on a movie or what it really is – an act of terrorism? I’m sure things would have been handled faster, and the results would have been a lot different. 

We’re all supposed to be treated equal, but these four men and their families were treated entirely different. Something to think about people – before you vote.

As for the other candidate Mitt Romney of the Republican Party, I don’t know a lot about him, but what I have heard I feel he is a good person. He is a family man with good values and good intentions. Mitt Romney and his wife do a lot to help others. For instance, they donate lots of money to charity. This money is used to help the less fortunate and the disabled. 

He has been known to take time out of his busy schedule as governor, to go to a dying boy’s house and help him get his affairs in order. It’s not many people who would have this much compassion and show it to others. 

Also, he seems to have a good head on his shoulders for business. Everything he does has been successful, and this is what we need for our country and for people of all walks of life to be successful. It is no disgrace to have success, especially if you built it. Our country could and needs a push start. We shouldn’t have to depend on foreign countries forever.

My opinion of these two candidates is just that – my own opinion. Before you go to the polls to vote in November, you need to do one thing first – get down on your knees and pray to God to help you make the right decision.

Let it be the decision that you can live with for the next four years. Too, don’t vote for a person just because you like them – vote for the one that you feel in your heart is more qualified to get this country back on track – “the right track.” 

All of our votes could result in our country being a winner or a loser. Just remember, “One nation under God.”

A very concerned citizen,

Pat Holt

South Boston


Pray for our nation

To the editor:

Friday and Saturday, Sept. 28-29, thousands of Christians met in Philadelphia to pray for our nation. On Sunday, Sept. 30 some ministers tested the I.R.S. rules that prevent ministers from telling their congregations who to vote for in the November election. 

I believe that if any Christian stands by the principles of the Bible and the teachings of Jesus, then the choice is clear. 

The Bible holds life as a gift given by God, and it should not be taken by another person. This includes murder, genocide, abortion on demand, late-term abortions and partial birth abortions. 

The Bible states that each individual is responsible for his/her actions and thoughts. It tells us to help the poor, feed the hungry, heal the sick, teach the uneducated and help each individual reach their full potential as a human being created in the image of God. 

Of course if you don’t believe in the Bible or believe in God, then you must blame someone or something else for our nation’s problems.

In the past few weeks, we have learned that Chicago teachers earn on the average of $75,000 plus benefits, but fewer than 56 percent of the students in their school system graduate from high school. 

Instead of taking responsibility, they blame poverty, the parents and the government. If only one half of their students graduate with a high school diploma, then it is easy to understand why there is high unemployment in the area. It takes education to be able to read the instructions and procedures of the modern technical age.

It also would help explain why the YOU‑Tube lady in Cleveland allows her vote to be bought for a free cell phone and 250 minutes. 20,000,000 phones and minutes that cost 1.6 billion dollars equals out to about $800 per phone or $800 per vote. Some of these phones are used in illegal activities such as drug buying and prostitution. Some people have two or more phones.

 Rev. Bill Wilkins

Vernon Hill


Get ready to vote

To the editor:

As absentee voting begins I want to update Virginians with important information on the commonwealth’s new voter identification (ID) requirements and my administration’s efforts to ensure all Virginia voters are ready to vote in this November’s election.

Virginia currently has a law requiring proof of voter ID to be shown at the polls.  In May I signed legislation aimed at increasing the integrity of elections in the commonwealth. 

The legislation  expands the acceptable forms of ID that voters can provide. At the same time, the new law states that voters arriving without a valid ID are permitted to vote a provisional ballot that will be counted if the voter delivers a copy of an acceptable form of ID to their local election official by noon on the Friday after the election. 

When signing the bill, I also issued an Executive Order directing the State Board of Elections to take several steps to ensure the bill was properly implemented, and every Virginia voter was well prepared, well before Election Day. These steps included mailing new voter registration cards to all active registered voters in the state. 

Voter registration cards are just one of the many different forms of ID that can be used to vote. And we also launched a broad and comprehensive voter education campaign aimed at informing voters of the changes in the law. Last month, the United States Department of Justice approved Virginia’s new law, essentially confirming this legislation had no negative impact on Virginia voters.

The vast majority of Virginians will not notice a difference when voting this year. Statistics from previous elections demonstrate that over 99 percent of Virginia voters bring an acceptable ID to the polls each election. However, realizing the sensitivity of this issue and the sanctity of the voting process, I wanted to ensure that any attempts to enhance the integrity of the voting process posed no burden on Virginia’s voters—especially those who have historically faced barriers to the ballot box. 

The Executive Order was my promise to Virginia voters that those previous barriers would not be re-erected. The right to vote is fundamental, and we want every single voter in Virginia to exercise that right freely and securely this November.

Last week, Virginia voters began receiving their voter registration cards and a wealth of individual election preparedness information including precinct and polling place locations. These cards will continue to arrive in Virginia voters’ mailboxes, with all cards delivered early this month.

Let me take a moment to clear up a few misunderstandings about the new law. First, photo ID is not required to cast a ballot in Virginia. In addition to the voter registration card, other forms of non-photo ID permitted at the polls include a current utility bill, bank statement, government check, paycheck that displays the voter’s current name and address, a concealed handgun permit or a social security card. 

Permissible photo IDs include a Virginia Driver’s License, a student ID card from an institution of higher learning in Virginia, an employee ID card, and others. Voters can choose one form of ID and only need to bring one to vote on Election Day.  

You can visit the State Board of Elections’ recently re-launched website at for a comprehensive list of IDs and thorough explanation of the requirements, especially for those voting in Virginia for the first-time.

If you have not received your new voter registration card, please contact your local general registrar or the State Board of Elections at 1-800-552-9745. Due to recent redistricting completed decennially, it is important that you check to make sure your voter registration information is current and that you update any outdated information including any needed change of address or name. The deadline to make these changes is Oct. 15.

Regardless of your preferred candidate or political party, I encourage all eligible Virginians to head to the polls this November to vote and participate in our democratic process. Our democracy depends upon your participation. Please vote this Election Day and encourage your friends, family, neighbors, and co-workers to do the same.

Bob McDonnell

Governor of the 

Commonwealth of Virginia