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LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Wednesday, Aug. 8

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Obey the laws

To the editor:

As a concerned citizen and taxpayer in Halifax County, I am writing regarding the monies given to the anti-uranium mining group by the IDA.

It is my understanding that under Section 15.2-953 of the Code of Virginia, with regard to
donations from a government locality or entity, it is illegal for the locality or entity to make a gift of property or money to an entity for purposes other than those for which the entity was founded. In this case, funds were given to the anti-uranium group by the IDA for the purpose of lobbying the legislature or influencing the public to keep the uranium ban in effect, a clear violation of the purpose for which the IDA was founded.

We must hold our representatives accountable for their actions even though I am in agreement with the objectives of the anti-uranium group. 

They should obey the laws as they expect us to do.

Clifford Hicks



Dusty trail response

To the editor:

I am writing in response to a letter to the editor published July 25. Mrs. Lula Snead wrote to voice her concern about dust on the Tobacco Heritage Trail. 

I am the trail coordinator, and I also was concerned to read that she has had an unfortunate experience with the trail. I am also surprised to read that there is dust coming from the trail. 

I hope to alleviate Mrs. Snead’s concerns by saying that I have lived on the Tobacco Heritage Trail in La Crosse for two years and have thankfully not experienced any dust, nor have I needed to repaint or repair anything on my property due to the proximity to the trail. 

In fact, it was my proximity to the trail and my appreciation of it that led me to apply for the position of trail coordinator. I know that La Crosse is a far distance from South Boston, but both sections of the trail were constructed according to the same plans and with the same material.

Perhaps construction vehicles created dust from the trail, but in the near future there will be no more construction vehicles; there will be no more vehicles at all, because the trail will be completed and the Tobacco Heritage Trail is a non-motorized trail. It is intended for hikers, cyclists and horse riders. 

I don’t think anyone will have a problem with dust once the construction is complete. 

As to your suggestion to pave the trail, Roanoke River Rails-to-Trails does not have the funding to do that at this time. We are a non-profit organization, and all funding for trail construction is obtained through grants or donations.

 If anyone is interested, tax-deductible donations can be made to Tobacco Heritage Trail c/o Roanoke River Rails-to-Trails P.O. Box 150 South Hill, VA 23970.

It is my genuine desire that each community along the Tobacco Heritage Trail be able to enjoy outdoor leisure and benefit from the presence of the trail. I certainly do not want it to aggravate health problems, but rather to enhance healthy lifestyles. In the meantime we appreciate your patience, and the wait for the trail opening won’t be much longer 

Heather Susee

Trails & Tourism Coordinator SPDC/VTC

South Hill


He changed me

To the editor:

We all have had people in our lives who shape the way we perceive the world around us.  

For me, one person stands out among the rest. That person is my friend Cabell Osborne.  Cabell and I became friends at that time in life when you’re the most unsure of yourself — the teens.  That was nearly 20 years ago, but that friendship has shaped the very core of the person who I am today.  Cabell was different from my other friends. We didn’t play the same sports.  We didn’t chase after the same girls.  

Cabell was born with cerebral palsy that affected his leg coordination.  He couldn’t play the same sports as me or at least not as well.  He didn’t chase the girls because he didn’t have the confidence to do so. 

I remember the first time we hung out together.  We played basketball at his house.  I won of course and oddly enough to be better than him fed my ego. Even if just a little, it felt good.  But that feeling was only temporary.  

Cabell took me down to his basement where he exercised and lifted weights.  Although he had difficulty with his legs, his upper body strength was tremendous.  After one demonstration at the bench press, my ego was deflated.  

The next day we made the half-mile walk from Cabell’s house to the pool where he would finish the life lesson that I’m thankful he shared with me.  We challenged each other to a 20-lap race.  I was confident, but foolish.  

You see my friend wasn’t a gazelle on land, but he was a shark in the water.  I did not finish the race or should I say could not finish the race.  He finished as strong as he had started.

On that day I learned that we are all different in our own way.  No better, no worse…just different.  Cabell showed me that regardless of the differences, we all deserve an equal opportunity and an equal chance to pursue happiness.  

Tragically, my friend lost his life two years ago at the age of 31.  I had not seen him in quite some time.  His beaming smile and how he changed me will live inside my heart forever. 

During these days where we see people pride themselves in their efforts to deny equality to others, I remember Cabell’s smile, and I think back to that swimming race and the lesson I learned those many summers ago. 

Thank you,

Jonah Powell


Heat wave

To the editor:

We have been experiencing some terrible heat lately. And it doesn’t take much to realize it’s affecting many aspects of our lives. Water gets scarcer, even though there have been rains at different intervals. Vegetable crops are for the most part burning up in the fields, and animals that are being raised for food are dealing with intense heat and exhaustion. 

Air conditioners are running constantly, and there have been many more illnesses due to the severity of the heat. Many things happen in and around our lives as a result of this heat wave. 

I tell folks, “The Lord is scorching the earth.” 

Why would I say such a thing? Mainly because of the things I see and read about week after week in the local newspapers, Internet and other means of communication. 

So, why wouldn’t he?

For instance, just about every week in South Boston’s downtown area, there is some type of outlandish theatrical or musical performance done that depicts sexual pervertedness and music that blatantly praises the god of that world, Lucifer. 

Many of the groups make no apology about whom and what they’re singing about. It’s down right scary to hear the music and lyrics that are sounding off of the stages downtown and all in the name of entertainment and bringing in revenue for the town. 

There is an increase in buying, selling and drinking of alcoholic beverages, and illicit dancing is being promoted. 

I read from week to week about the plays being performed where strippers and burlesque entertainment are being taunted as “must see for the family.” 

Same sex marriage arguments are on the rampage, and it almost seems that everyone is “shacking up.” All this is being done so openly, and there are even those who say that God sanctions such things. 

I have enough sense to know that a holy and righteous God said he would chasten the people because of the wickedness in the land. I am truly one of those people who values living life without the hand of God constantly having to correct people because of their wicked ways. If we think we can actually sanction such things and that the Lord is going to quietly sit back and let this happen, then we are about as crazy as they get.

You probably wonder why I think I have a right to speak out about such things. Well, I am originally from the South Boston/Halifax area and have a son-in-law, daughter and grandchildren who live there. And I don’t like the thought of them having to reap the consequences of what is taking place, and I don’t want to reap it either.

I go to the source that can tie up all the loose ends on this matter. It is a book written by the God that made us. He has all the answers. It’s called the King James Bible. Just read and learn what God says about these things: Romans 1:18-31

I truly hope that someone reading this will realize the truth and change what is being done for the sake of us all.

Alice Russell