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LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Wednesday, July 25

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Cancer association program a success

To the editor:

Pastor and Mrs. Moses Dixon Jr. and the Five Forks Church family would like to thank Serita Carter and Sandra Palmer, all churches, businesses, families, friends and participants for a very successful cancer association program July 14. 

Thank you again.

Sister Linda Owen

Five Forks Church


Refuse to be a victim

To the editor:

I went to the most informative class Saturday, “Refuse To Be A Victim.” The class was held in the Halifax Town Office and taught by Charles Newby.

Ladies, please take this class and bring your teenage and college bound students. They teach and show films about home security, physical security, auto security, out-of-town travel security, phone security, personal information, scams, cyberfraud, cyberstalking and personal protection devices. 

There are special teaching modules:

1. In the workplace

2a. Parents and children

2b. College students - Staying safe on campus

3. Senior citizens and persons with physical disabilities

Please check this class out. It costs $20. I got information from this class that will make me twice as alert.

Moms, teens and college bound students need to take this.

Betty Willis



Great job

To the editor:

Recently, I was fortunate enough to attend the NRA’s Refuse to be a Victim class hosted by the Town of Halifax Police Department.

The instructors, Charles Newby and Victor Crump, did a great job instructing us in how to protect our homes, our families and ourselves. 

With the crime rate rising, I think more classes like this are needed. In this era of portable digital devices, we have become increasingly distracted and less aware of the potential dangers that may be lurking around us. 

This class helped remind us of the importance of remaining vigilant of our surroundings and the various means in which we make it all too easy for criminals to prey upon us.

I would highly recommend this class for the elderly, young women or anyone else who may be especially vulnerable to crime. Even if one lacks in strength, knowledge can be an invaluable tool in helping keep you and your family safe.

Great job, guys. I offer my sincere thanks to the Town of Halifax and acting Police Chief Irby for making this type of class available to us citizens.

Barbara Buckley



Dusty trail

To the editor:

This letter concerning trail and dust is addressed to the attention of The Town of South Boston.

Dust on the new trail in South Boston will create problems for people with breathing problems, allergies, dust on clean surfaces such as houses-cloths, vehicles, the hospital and so on.

It will result in extra cleaning, extra painting, etc. 

My suggestion would be to keep the dust out by black topping the trail. Right now the dust is so bad, it looks like smoke. 

People who live on Summit Drive and nearby will have problems with all this dust. 

The trail is a nice trail, and black topping the trail is not too much to ask when all the dust is a health hazard and pollution to the air. 

Please be considerate of the people who live near the trail. 

Thank you.

Lula Snead

South Boston


He said what?

To the editor:

Is Obamacare a tax? 

The president says it isn’t. Democratic congressmen now say had they known it was a tax, they wouldn’t have voted for it. (You have to pass it to see what’s in it.” Pelosi.) They are obviously lying or didn’t read it (isn’t that their job?).

The Supreme Court has ruled it is a tax, otherwise it wouldn’t be constitutional. They must have read it or have an agenda. 

Is it a tax? 

To quote President Clinton, “it depends on what the definition of is –is.” (Orwell’s 1984 “Newspeak”)

“Take from him according to his ability and give to him according to his need.” Did President Obama say that? It certainly sounds like him. Or was it Jesus. Naw! It was Karl Marx in the “Communist Manifesto” (1851).

Jesus would ask the rich to help the poor, (it’s called charity). The only things Jesus would take are our sins.

“Ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country.” A very rich guy (a Democrat), President Kennedy, said that, galvanized a nation, started the Peace Corp and sent us to the moon.

President Obama is dividing the nation (war on women, tax the rich, voter ID, etc.) and thinks the government should redistribute the wealth from earners to others and control them through entitlements like Obamacare and endless welfare (again think Orwell’s 1984).

President Obama then outsourced Kennedy’s space program to the Russians and Chinese.

Apparently our president thinks free contraceptives are more important than the exploration and American dominance in space.

I suggest the president and the public read Aesop’s ancient fable about the grasshopper and the ant. I suspect the ant would vote for Romney and the grasshopper for President Obama.

Roger W. Browne, M.D.

South Boston

A genuine thank you

To the editor:

Credit is due where credit is due.

At around 3:30 a.m. on Tuesday, July 17, 2012, I awoke to a very dark and slightly warm home. Our power was off. 

I used my cell phone to call Dominion Power to let the answering machine know of the power outage. 

My wife and I went back to bed and woke back up at 5:15 a.m. only to realize as we were walking our dogs outside that there were four power poles with transformers laying on the ground. 

I called 911 to alert them of the dangers of poles, wires and transformers laying on the ground. 

Shortly thereafter, a reconnaissance Dominion Power truck of two men arrived to survey. When they saw all four power poles were down, the ”think tank” was put into action, and there were nine trucks on the scene. 

Once they began working, they worked and worked and worked. They took a 30-minute lunch break at 12:30 p.m., and then every one of them returned to work. 

A man driving a Dominion Power pickup truck came by to offer my sister-in-law and myself some lunch, which we gladly accepted. It was 90 degrees on my front porch in the shade at 9 a.m. and 98 on my front porch in the shade as the last of the trucks drove away. 

Again, thank you Dominion Power. 

James V. Cantrell

South Boston