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LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Wednesday, July 11

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Health care costs everyone

To the editor: 

The Monday, July 2, article by Editor Paula Bryant titled “Emotions run gamut after health ruling” was a fine article, but there are so many different opinions and realities that only one article cannot cover them all. 

I am quite happy for Judith Miller and all the others who now have health care because the “Pre-Existing Conditions” clause is now reality. I can only imagine how she and her family felt when denied insurance. I have worried that my wife’s insurance company would do the same to us as she also has had a long-term condition.

In October 2010, we received a letter from my wife’s insurance company briefly stating that with the new health care law being enacted, they were making changes in advance of the law to be prepared. By being prepared they increased our premiums 15 percent for the next year. They did the same thing for 2012 by another 15 percent. What is in store for us next year? 

I had to retire early and am on disability. I don’t feel too bad about that as I paid my taxes for 40 years, and my paycheck had withholdings removed. My wife receives a very small monthly check that isn’t even worth mentioning. Where are we and so many others that have had our policies for so long going to find the money to keep paying for these higher costs?

When this far over-reaching “Obama Health Care” bill/law was passed, it was put on the backs of people like my wife and myself and the countless small businesses that have to pay more and more.

If the Democrats in the Senate and House would quit playing politics and pass the bills before them, it could help. 

How about some serious cutting of all the over-bearing welfare programs and the wasted money we send to countries overseas, (many who are not our friends)? 

I mean really, giving people free pre-paid cell phones? There are ways to provide health insurance for those who have been denied without adding all the extra burdens to the rest of us. 

When the wife and I were young and trying to make mortgage payments and other bills, we went without insurance for many years. We saved thousands of dollars, and although we took a gamble, we paid off the house early and are now in a position to better cope with today’s higher costs. 

I really feel bad for the younger couples who are now forced to do something that we had a free choice to do on our own. But, I am happy for Judith and the others in her position who now can live with less worry and have their coverage. 

Yes, there are other ways to help those in need, and we can start by getting rid of the current administration and the Democrats in the Senate and House. Then we will see so many of the needless regulations and spending bills reformed and let us live our own lives and make our own decisions for how we wish to run our own lives. 

I am old enough to remember the “good ole’ days,” and although we can never go back to them, we also do not need this much government intrusion on us or our children. 

The very best to you Judith and the others who now have health care.

Duane Ellingsworth

South Boston


Good Samaritans

To the editor:

I have never witnessed a storm that seemed to come out of nowhere leaving hundreds of thousands of people without electricity for such a long period of time.

However, there is a silver lining to all of this. A lot of Good Samaritans came to the surface.

Liberty University housed hundreds of people with no place to go and fed people over 500 meals.

The 700 Club brought hundreds of truckloads of food to people.

Even on WSET 13 one news anchor let another news anchor spend a week at their home due to the power outage.

It just goes to show you that there are a lot of good-hearted people out there who are willing to help others in need.

Paul Dupont



Change needed

To the editor: 

I recently attended South Boston Speedway’s big July 3rd race held last Tuesday night. In my opinion, they treat some drivers so unfairly and let others get away with murder.

It was so obvious to me that NASCAR officials made the wrong call in the Pure Stock race incident involving Trey Crews and Nathan Crews.  Trey was sent to the rear of the field after Nathan Crews spun him out under caution.   

After that, Nathan spun Trey out again. Then the officials took Nathan off the track.  

South Boston Speedway officials need to call things fairly.  

I hope other people write in, and maybe things will change. 

I believe I speak for a lot of people in saying South Boston Speedway owes Trey Crews an apology for taking away his chances of winning a race he clearly was going to win.

Thank you,

Angela Lawhorn