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LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Wednesday, March 21

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Delaying lifting the ban

To the editor:

I recently saw several news stories about a chart that the Danville Regional Foundation has published contrasting the myriad uranium studies performed over the past three years. It is such a hodge-podge that all it does is advance the confusion naysayers foment to further delay lifting the moratorium.

But listen to what the main guy behind it tries to tell us. In a television interview, Karl Stauber, CEO of the Danville Regional Hospital Foundation, states, “We’ve tried to put together a chart that’s educational, not advocacy…”

It’s laughable that Stauber would make such a statement when he is an avowed anti-uranium activist. Stauber’s day job may be to hand out our hospital money, but he moonlights in an open and strong advocacy capacity as a leading member of the Alliance for Progress in Southern Virginia.

This is a group whose stated purpose, according to the lobbying registration website (, is to oppose lifting the ban on uranium mining. How could one be an honest purveyor of independent uranium information by day and a committed anti-uranium activist by night? It is, of course, a ludicrous and thoroughly dishonest position.

However, in the event that Stauber finds himself conflicted about which uranium hat he should be wearing, he can easily pick up the phone and call Ben Davenport, Bob Ashby or Charlie Majors. All four of these men, including Stauber, serve on the Danville Regional Foundation Board while at the same time serving on the anti-uranium Alliance for Progress in Southern Virginia.

Let me just say this. Messrs. Stauber, Davenport, Ashby and Majors: I was born at night, but not last night. The hypocrisy of such dual involvement is astonishing. These men sold our hospital in Danville and are now using the proceeds to support their personal agenda, all the while assuring us it’s not advocacy.

Gentlemen, quit the charade and get out of the way. Uranium promises to bring us something you all have failed to do during your decades of controlling our destiny: decent wage jobs.

Randy Jacobs

South Boston


Do we have litter laws?

To the editor:

Are there any litter laws in Halifax County? If so, are they being enforced?

I live in Cluster Springs, and evidently some people think Cluster Springs Road is a trash depot. The road runs from Hwy. 501 to Alton and has been a dumping place for fast food wrappers, newspaper, aluminum cans, bottles, tires, auto parts and more.

It had gotten so bad that I called Halifax County Administrative Office. I talked to a very nice man who was in charge of this problem. He told me he would get a crew out as soon as possible, and sure enough he did, within the week.

They worked all day but could not finish because there was so much trash, a total of 27 very large orange bags, plus other trash such as tires.

They came back a few days later to finish the job. This time they had 36 large bags filled to the brim. They did a beautiful job.

What a big difference.

The next day I called the office again and thanked them for the good work. I also suggested that littering is a crime with a fine.

I wonder how many tickets for littering have been written here? If word gets around that they are writing tickets, it may help. Also putting up “NO LITTERING” signs would be a good idea too.

Thank you,

Dan Newkirk Sr.

South Boston


Goldwing Road Riders Association  completes fundraiser

To the editor:

Members of Chapter VA-J  of Goldwing Road Riders Association recently completed their fundraiser for the year.  Raffle tickets were sold for a chance to win a 46” Hitachi LCD television, $100 cash and $50 cash.

Members and supporters of Chapter VA-J gathered at Ed’s Honda on March 10 for refreshments and fellowship.

The drawing was held with the following winners:

Charles Glosson – 46” Hitachi TV

William Selph - $100

Ruth Croft - $50

Chapter VA-J members would like to thank everyone who supported our chapter by purchasing raffle tickets.  Proceeds from the sale of the tickets will enable the chapter to make a contribution to Patrick Henry Boys and Girls Home of Brookneal.

Vickie T. Poole

South Boston


Her name was Abigale

To the editor:

This is directed to the heartless individual who hit and killed my sister and brother-in-law’s dog March 8 on Ridgeway Road in Vernon Hill and left her in a ditch.

Yes, you know exactly who you are.

This beloved dog wore a collar with proper ID and phone number. If you had stopped, you could have at least called the owners.

However, you decided to be a coward and continue on your merry way with no other thoughts but of yourself.

This dog was a pet, a faithful companion and a member of their family; her name was Abigale.

I hope this name haunts you for all eternity and for the grief you have bestowed upon her family.

Her name was Abigale.

Leslie Crone

Oak Level