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LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Wednesday, June 20

Disagree with Melvin D. Whitlock’s Community Voice 

To the editor:

It is simply a fallacy to say that homosexuality lacks biological origins.  People cannot help their orientation.  To deny this is to go against scientific evidence.  To go against science is to eliminate progress.

Same sex marriage is not sinful, though certain religious texts arrogantly state this as fact.  Notice they have no other justification for this disrespectful claim than the “holy books.”  

The phantasmagorical myths of the Bible do not count as evidence in any aspect.  It is obligatory that humans learn that the Bible is not a source of morality, either.  Rape, slavery, genocide and misogyny are present and upheld in Bible verses.  

Anyone can see this is not acceptable morality.  The Bible is a manmade text that holds the archaic prejudices of the people who wrote it.  Using the Bible as evidence of anything is simply illogical, unconstructive and intellectually fallacious.  

Therefore, to assert that same sex marriage is wrong because the Bible states it is a vindication for the immoral obstruction of rights.  It is imperative that people use their compassion and critical thinking to form their own views on same sex marriage before they blindly follow the dogma of others.

On the subject of civil rights — it is ridiculous to claim that homosexuals are not discriminated against.  

Human beings have evolved to have prejudices.  Women were once denied rights, African Americans were once denied rights, and many other groups as well.  

During those discriminatory periods in our nation’s history, it was considered morally permissible to hold discriminatory views.  

Now it is homosexuals who are being denied rights.  

It is a shame that people are allowed to restrict the rights of others because of their own provincial thoughts.  It appalls me to see people blatantly express discrimination in a country that supposedly values equality for all.

In the future, same sex marriage will most likely be allowed.  If that is the case, those who oppose it will be relegated to the immoral minority, comparable to those who are openly racist or sexist today.  

For truth and morality to be learned and implemented in our society, it is mandatory that humanity learns to step away from religious justification for societal issues.

“If we can’t think for ourselves, if we’re unwilling to question authority, then we’re just putty in the hands of those in power. But if the citizens are educated and form their own opinions, then those in power work for us.” —Carl Sagan

Emily P. Marshall



Fishing for peace

To the editor:

Most of us suffer from a lack of inner peace. It’s that feeling of emptiness in our hearts that leaves us wondering what can fill it. One thing that can cause this feeling is something that a lot of people fall prey to -- impatience. 

If things don’t come around when we want them, or life seems to be a dead-in for some of us, the only thing to feel is anger and disappointment. 

Even when people around us are full of happiness and joy, we unintentionally isolate ourselves due to the bitterness that we hold inside. 

This is something that we all go through at some point in our lives. Something that has helped me realize the value of patience is this analogy I thought about a few days ago. Think about a fisherman sitting on the shore or in a boat with his fishing rod in the water. Sometimes he’ll catch a fish quickly, but other times it will take some time for even a small tug to come to his line. If he feels a tug on his line and pulls it out too fast, he’ll lose his catch. 

It’s not easy when others around you are pulling out their blessings, while you’re still sitting there waiting for a tug. 

Remaining diligent and patience is the key to getting your catch. The end result is what makes it all worth it. 

A lot of people can take a fishing rod and throw the line out into the water, but only a few will have the patience to wait and see what’s on the end of their line.

Jeremy Carden



HCHS Class of ’62 reunion site changed

To the editor:

There has been a change for the Halifax County High School Class of ‘62 reunion. It will still be held on Saturday, Oct. 27, but not at The Prizery. 

Due to a double booking, we have moved to the Halifax Country Club. 

Any questions call 434-572-2531. 

Thank you

Joanna Chaffin Hughes

South Boston

EAA Fly-In support appreciated

To the editor:

Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) Chapter 1442 conducted its annual Fly-In, ShowTime 2012 on May 12 at Tuck Airport.  We are very gratified at the success of this year’s event.

 We would like to thank everyone  who came to the Fly-In and all those who made it possible.  

We especially thank all our chapter members, local businesses who made contributions, local newspapers who publicized the event, the pilots from  Roanoke EAA Chapter 646, Jim Dall, Donald Jeffer, David Kiefer, Matt Paxton, Jeff Stubbs — who flew youngsters all day long as part of the Young Eagles Flight Plan program — and our own  Mark Stevens who flew youngsters at the end of the day so that every kid got to fly.

We also thank the South Boston Lions Club, Janis Chenery, Bob Chenery, Winston Harrell, God’s Pit Crew, Bobby Conner, Henry Owen, Cody and Chris Carnes, Bill Wilmouth, Linda and Mark Satterfield, Billy Britt, all those who brought cars, motorcycles, airplanes, trucks, Halifax County Cancer Association, Mark Francisco and his RCDF group, Halifax County Sheriff’s Office, Virginia State Police, Wendy Michaels, Chloe Rivera, Richard Cumbie, Lafell Elliott, Virgilina Volunteer Fire Department and Jimmy Smiley.

We introduced 73 youngsters to the joy of flight.  If we hadn’t done anything more, we would have considered the day a success.


Jimmy Jennings


Dodging potholes

To the editor:

I am wondering if anyone else is as disgusted as I am at the condition of some of the parking lots in the shopping centers around town? 

I hate having to dodge potholes when I go shopping at some of these stores. 

I don’t know about anyone else, but I don’t have money to buy tires or have my car aligned after driving into a deep hole. 

I was wondering if anyone knows who is responsible for the upkeep of these lots. 

Thank you. 

Veresia Mosley

South Boston


Reelection ploy

To the editor:

USA Defeated on the Border!! Santa Anna Avenged!! Ground cracks under the Alamo!! 

Today Janet Napolitano, former Democrat governor of Arizona, after failing to stem the tide of illegal immigration in her home state and now head of “Homeland Security,” has signed the first peace treaty with Mexico surrendering to illegal immigration.

The lesson is you can break the law if you represent a voting block for the Democrat Party. If enough people break the law, you can get away with anything. 

The President by authorizing Ms. Napolitano to put his camel’s nose into the tent is admitting that he would rather be re-elected than defend America’s borders and enforce the law.

Any more of this, and we won’t have a country.

Roger W. Browne, M.D.

South Boston