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LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Wednesday, June 6

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Prayer day thank you

To the editor:

It has been a month since our National Day of Prayer event.  I hope that you have been praying for our nation and leaders. No other time in history has it been more important to pray than today.

On behalf of the planning committee, we want to thank Paula Bryant, editor at The Gazette-Virginian, and her staff for the support and help with this event.  It would not have been the success it was without your help. 

Thank you to the community for your support, the participation in the event and your continued prayers daily for our nation remembering the theme of this year’s event, “One Nation Under God.”

The following members served on our planning committee:  Larry McPeters- Chairman, Dr Wayne Adams, Rev. Dave Anderson, Julia Barker, Bob Brown, Bruce Burnette, Dot Carr, Larry Clark, William Coleman, Virginia Cumbey, Rev. George Gorman, Debbie Hackney, Winston Harrell, Jeff Henderson, Merle Hundley, Kathy Laine, Rev. Russell Lee, Brenda McPeters, Rosemary Ramsey, Lt. Col. Alvin Sykes, General Carroll Thackston and Jimmy Watts.

Thanks to each of you for your willingness to serve, and may God bless the United States of America.

Virginia Cumbey

South Boston


Memorial Day service wonderful tribute

To the editor:

This year’s Memorial Day service at the Halifax War Memorial was a wonderful tribute to the citizens of our county who have given their lives in service to this nation. The event was brief but still filled with a great deal of emotion and reverence for the occasion. 

The war memorial site is one of our county’s best features, and all the residents of the area owe a debt of gratitude to the Halifax Woman’s Club and the War Memorial Commission for seeing this project, one that I consider to be a product of true inspiration, through to its successful completion. 

Thanks are in order as well to the members of the John M. Jordan Camp of the SCV for sponsoring the ceremony.

I regret that more people did not attend. They would have been moved by the powerful message delivered by the Rev. Woodfin, the songs of Ricky Gordon, the presentation of floral arrangements by the various organizations who keep the memories of our fallen soldiers alive and by the somber elegance of the memorial site. 

And who would not be impressed by the arrival of Rolling Thunder, the vets who ride their motorcycles to events like this to honor and advocate for their brothers in arms; and the final flourish, a 21-gun salute and taps by the American Legion Honor Guard.

This year my 11-year-old nephew, Jonathan Carrington, accompanied me to the service, and he told me that he was glad to have had the opportunity to participate in this memorial event. He enjoyed meeting and shaking hands with the vets and other participants. There were a few other youngsters in attendance too, and I congratulate their parents for exposing them to civic responsibilities. 

I was pleased to see the young people scanning the names inscribed on the memorial’s obelisk, perhaps searching for a long lost relative ---- a great way to learn about patriotism. 

I hope to see many more of our citizens there next year. It’s an experience not soon forgotten.

Tom Stevens

South Boston



To the editor:

After reading the article about coyotes in the Town of Halifax in May 30 paper I would like to say back in March, the Halifax County Board of Supervisors voted to allow hunters to use rifles from the ground to hunt and kill coyotes in Halifax County. This was the end all to the coyote problem, the final answer.

My question is why the Town of Halifax has to have any additional study of the coyote problem. Why not just get a rifle and shoot at them. Oh, maybe that would be too dangerous in the Town of Halifax. 

Why is it ok to shoot coyotes in a rural area, endangering me, my family, pets and livestock and property?  But this issue needs lots more discussion and educational programs if a coyote needs to be killed in town? 

Do you think my life, family, pets, livestock and property are less valuable to me because I live in the country? 

Marsha J. Barksdale


Endorsing George Allen

To the editor:

On Tuesday, June 12, you can begin the process of re-steadying our United States government.  That is the first step in correcting the course that we have been on for the last several years. 

The course that our President and United States Senate has taken our country, along a path that will destroy the hopes for a bright future for our children and grandchildren, cannot continue. 

We must start that change by going to the polls and selecting George Allen to be the Republican candidate for U.S. Senator.

George Allen is the only candidate that has the name recognition and the experience to defeat Tim Kaine. George proved himself as governor. He can and will defeat Tim Kaine who simply will vote in support of the failed policies of President Obama.

George Allen understands that to have a strong economy we must use the natural resources which America is blessed to have.  George Allen will encourage using those resources found off Virginia’s coast, not block exploration like President Obama and Tim Kaine have done.

George Allen understands that for folks to start or expand a business, they must believe that government will not oppose them at every turn by piling on more regulation and expense.  George Allen will work to reduce the regulations that President Obama has placed on business.

Please join me by going to the polls and voting for George Allen on Tuesday, June 12. He is the right candidate with the right experience to make us proud to be Americans.

Sen. Frank Ruff


Hunters against ... hunting?

To the editor:

A recent article has shed some fairly interesting facts about our ongoing Sunday hunting debate. One of my friends (from another state) asked me the other day why we couldn’t hunt on Sundays.    

Best answer?  Because of old blue laws, hunters who have their own agenda and politicians who still think it’s ok to make laws and restrict people’s action due to religious reasons.  All reasons for keeping the ban on Sunday hunting have been debunked time and time again.  

Virginia is the only state where a hunting organization (the Virginia Hunting Dog Alliance) actively has people lobbying to keep the ban in place.

Four members of our General Assembly had voted to keep the ban and kill the bill rather than let the entire Assembly vote on the bill.  That means four people decided how all licensed hunters in the state can hunt.  

One of these four is our delegate, Mr. Edmunds.  

Also, be aware — special groups can hunt on Sunday — just not the general hunter.  The ban needs to be ended and not just for hunting on private property.  Public hunting property needs to be addressed as well.

An interesting article appeared in Peterson’s Hunting magazine, June-July 2012 issue about this topic. 

Please join the Facebook group “Legalize Virginia Sunday Hunting for All” to show your support for this cause.  

As hunters, we have an obligation to protect our rights and the rights of future hunters within the state of Virginia.  Make no mistake — the VHDA is a political group whose sole intention is to protect hunting with dogs and to kill any bill that they feel will in any way limit their agenda. 

Tim Davis

South Boston