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LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Wednesday, May 23

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Celebrating our heritage

To the editor: 

On Saturday, May 5, my wife and I had the occasion to drive to Halifax County to visit your annual Heritage Festival. 

We truly enjoyed the day and especially the people we met. Special thanks to Mr. Butch Blanks for being a tour guide.  The exhibits were very educational; the music was delightful and the food tasty and filling.  We were thrilled having attended the festival. 

All too often, we forget our heritage, our forefathers and their struggles, and how we arrived at where we are today.  I commend the Halifax County community  —citizens, businesses and government together — for taking time to display and educate us on the history, intellectual curiosity, perseverance and hard work of those who laid the groundwork for us to enjoy our comparatively easy lives today.  

It is easy to enjoy the technology of the Internet, television, refrigerators, modern stoves, power tools and all the other conveniences we have and never give a thought as to what thought and work went into inventing them for our enjoyment.  

We would like to express our thanks to all of you for a wonderful event.  We look forward to attending next year.

Dennis A. Mook

Newport News, 

Chief of Police (Ret.)

President & CEO, Public Safety Advisors, Inc,


Thanks to policemen

To the editor:

I am expressing my sincere thanks to the policemen for helping us with the Halifax County Heritage Tractor Parade on April 28. 

Their help made it enjoyable and safe for everyone. Officers who helped were Sgt. Matt Gilliam, Benny Smith, Robert Mead and Joey Throckmorton.

Parade coordinator,

W.T. “Tommy” Epps III



Another success story

To the editor:

The “Women  In Action” of County Line Baptist Church in Java would like to thank everyone who came out and supported the Sign Rock Mud Bogg held on Saturday, May 12.  

Your overwhelming support allowed us to make a donation to the Angelman Syndrome Foundation.  A walk to raise awareness about Angelman Syndrome was recently held in Danville.

Also, thank you to everyone for supporting our April event at Sign Rock Mud Bogg.  We were able to make a sizeable donation to help find a cure for Multiple Scerosis.  

Our own Karen Shelton Smith and her son are affected by this disease.  Congratulations to Karen for being the second highest fundraiser at the MS walk held in Richmond.

Also, we would like to thank the owner/operator of Sign Rock Mud Bogg, Bob Carter, for giving us the opportunity to run the concession stand at his mud bogg. This is a great opportunity for the ladies of County Line to help our community. 

Again, thank everyone for making this day possible.  God bless you. 

Beverly McGregor

WIA – Chairperson

County Line Baptist Church



Are we there yet?

To the editor:

Fifty-eight years ago on May 17, the United States Supreme Court in a unanimous decision outlawed racial segregation in the nation’s public schools. 

Since that time, in the state of Virginia, we have gone through massive resistance, freedom of choice, pupil placement boards and ultimately total integration.

Are we there yet?

Thank you, 

Lealand D. Luck

South Boston


Reason for demolition

To the editor:

Last week our house was demolished. This is the third house demolished since 1999. 

Most people think that the deterioration of these buildings is the main reason for the demolition.

I believe there is an underlying reason as to why those buildings were torn down.

The owners are pursuing an investigation.

Beverly Bell

South Boston