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Reverse principal decision

To the editor:

As residents and business owners in Halifax County for almost 35 years, we feel compelled to reach out to members of the Halifax County Public School Board and to local citizens regarding the recent demotion of high school principal, Mr. Albert Randolph. 

While we are not privileged to all the facts that led to such action and can only rely on the local newspaper articles, we find the decision contrary to the progress of Halifax County and its citizens. If the reason as stated by the press is accurate, and the matter is truly related to payment or use of vacation time, we respectfully ask the board to analyze the decision and request that it be reversed.

I have known Mr. Randolph most of my life, since he and I were both raised in neighboring Charlotte County by families that were hard working, dedicated and principled in terms of education and employment. We have always been proud of his career accomplishments and know that he cares for and sets expectations of high school students and is a dutiful and loyal servant to our public school system.

Secondly, what message does this action send to the hundreds of other school system employees and future job applicants as it relates to job security, morale and career advancement? 

Here is a gentleman who has worked hard all of his life, is nearing retirement and is demoted because he has not taken off earned time away from his responsibilities. Is this how we show our appreciation for his service?

Thirdly, what does this decision say to our students who look upon Mr. Randolph as a role model? “Students, you must work hard, make many sacrifices, and give your all to excel in life, but in the end you might not be appreciated.” 

Many students and adults feel the “system” always works against them, and this to a great degree reinforces those beliefs.

Ladies and gentlemen, we believe and know that Halifax County is better than this. We should be about lifting each other up, rather than pushing one down. Please do what is honorable and just. 

Surely there is an alternative resolution to this issue that will give Mr. Randolph his due respect and allow our school system to maintain its integrity.

Stanley and Wanda Jeffress



Loving the pain away

To the editor:

My daughter was about to give birth. She had been in the hospital all day – a rainy Wednesday in October. I had been with her the whole day. Her dad came in to see about us. 

The nurse said, “It won’t be long now.” 

I wanted to go freshen up and put on my lipstick – to look pretty for the baby. 

My daughter’s dad said, “Go ahead, I will be with her.” 

He started rubbing her back. She said, “It hurts so bad.” He said, “I know.” 

He kept rubbing her back and loving her through the pain. 

Jesus loves us through the pain. When we say “it hurts so bad,” “He says “I know” and loves us through the pain. 

Fathers are Jesus’ hands on earth to “love the pain away.”

Pat Roberts

South Boston


Why have insurance at all?

To the editor:

I am writing this letter to your newspaper office to make others become aware of the health insurance situation. 

I work for a local company and received health insurance in early February of this year. I also had an outpatient surgery in the later part of April. 

After a period of time, I received the news from Blue Cross Blue Shield stating that no payments will be made toward any of my hospital or any other related bills due to my surgery. 

I spoke with a Blue Cross Blue Shield representative, and she told me that my issues of non-payments were due to a pre-existing condition. 

I had been informed by others that a law had been placed and was in effect by the president that insurance companies could not hold a pre-existing condition against anyone. 

I would love to see the president respond to this statement. 

The cost of my insurance is deducted bi-weekly out of my paycheck. 

My first question that I propose, “Why have health insurance if the facility will not submit any payments that is allowed for a claim?” 

Second question, “Why have insurance at all?” 

I can answer the second question, because the government will penalize if a person does not have health insurance.

Yes, I am complaining about this situation. I went to the doctor to seek a solution concerning my health issues. I came out of this matter in huge debt due to Blue Cross and Blue Shield not paying their allotted part. 

I hope that everyone will read their health insurance policies closer before having surgery or attending a doctor’s appointment. 

Thank you for the time in this matter.

Donna Bass



Who and what will pay for the president’s plan for power plants?

To the editor:

This past week President Obama made an Executive Order to require power plants to reduce their carbon dioxide by 30 percent over the next 15 years.  Why?  To reduce emissions in the air.  

On the surface this seems like it might make sense if it would provide cleaner air.  However, as with so many other big plans this president has had, he does not seem to understand all the ramifications that his policies have.  He did not understand that his Affordable Healthcare Act would have the effect of driving up the cost of health care.

At this point, no one has any reasonable way to determine how much this will drive up your business or home’s electric bill. One reason that it cannot be correctly calculated is that there is no known way of reducing the carbon level by that amount. That level may be achievable with research over the next decade but not today.  No matter what, our electric bills in 15 years may easily be at least three times what they are today.  Many are challenged at today’s rates.  How many more will seek government assistance to pay future bills?

Some will choose to use other sources to heat their homes. That will reduce their cost of the power, but many will be replaced by wood or coal burners in one’s home that will have no scrubbers to remove any of the carbon output. The net effect will be more pollution rather than less.

The president’s proposal will be a drain on our economy. Over the last several years, as this administration has applied tougher air standards, many miners have lost their jobs. This will make the situation worse.

Likewise, every manufacturing company that requires much power for production will find the cost of production much more expensive. This comes as international companies have been considering the advantages of production in the United States. This too will cost our economy needed jobs.

These new rules would not make America less competitive if all nations were meeting the same standards.  This will not happen. Currently China is building power plants that are far less efficient than ours today.  There is no reason to believe that they will change their policy to make themselves less competitive.

To make matters even worse, the new regulations are based on current carbon output. Every year consumers demand more power, however, it appears the regulations will require 30 percent less carbon output while producing more power demanded by their customers.  As our automobile manufacturers try to sell more “plug-in” cars it seems that those electric cars are aimed straight into a brick wall.

Clearly, we all want clean air. At the same time we need to have jobs to provide for our families, and our families need to stay warm in the winter.  Any and all issues of public policy should be openly debated before action is taken.  That debate should consider all aspects and effects on our lives. Now is the time to work together.

Sen. Frank Ruff