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Let us pray

To the editor:

Let us pray.

That is correct. Recently the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that there was no reason that public meetings should be prevented from opening those meetings with a prayer.  Thus ending several ridiculous lower court rulings that had barred governmental bodies from opening with divine guidance in the decisions they make.

In Virginia, many governing bodies chose to avoid the costs of going to court to defend their practice. I am proud that Pittsylvania chose to fight the case in court.  They were able to do so because State Senator Bill Stanley volunteered his legal services, representing the county for free.  In that case, however, the federal judge ruled against the county and ordered Pittsylvania to pay thousands of dollars in costs that those who brought the case ran up.  That is money that should go to the schools or other important services.

It amazes most of us that court after court could misunderstand the constitution so badly. Those who wrote the constitution were religious people. That is why the Bill of Rights includes the Freedom of Religion.  Note that the clause says Freedom of Religion, not Freedom from Religion.

The difference of that one word is major. The intent was not to keep religion from the public square but rather to keep our new republic from following the policy of Great Britain against which we had just fought a war. The largest church denomination at that time was the Church of England or Anglican Church of which the King of England was the official head. 

No matter how great this court decision was, the greatest question is this - why have these lawsuits and threats of lawsuits even gone before the court?  

The simplest answer might be that some just want to get their name in the news either as a plaintiff or as an attorney.  The cause of action is simply silly. It cannot be because it affects their lives. If one is an atheist, are they really going to suddenly become religious with one prayer?  If one is able to watch television and not feel compelled to change auto insurance because of numerous insurance commercials, are they likely to change their religion because of a prayer?   

However, if you believe in conspiracy theories, one to consider is that these cases are a government conspiracy to drive religion from our lives. This was the ploy that was used in the USSR and Eastern Europe when communists took control. There the people were told forget your church, forget your religion, the government will provide your needs. 

The government wanted to control the people’s needs because that is the way they could control their lives.  Similar to what appears to be happening right now in the battle regarding health care. If those in Washington can provide or withhold needed health care, they will control people very much as they control their vote today with the fear of losing food stamps.

We all need to thank the Supreme Court majority for their correct understanding of our constitution. 

Sen. Frank Ruff



HCHS Class of 1979 Reunion set Sept. 13

To the editor:

The Halifax County High School Class of 1979 is busy planning our 35th reunion.  The date has been set for Sept. 13.  

We are in need of contact information for classmates.  If you are a 1979 graduate or know how to get in touch with a 1979 graduate, please contact Caryl Francis Moore (579-9434 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) or Annette Saunders Ferguson (476-1290.)  

If you are interested in being a part of the planning committee, join us at our next meeting on June 1.  Call for information.  

We are hoping to reconnect and celebrate with many old friends.  Let us hear from you soon.  

You may also contact us on our Facebook page – HCSHS Class of 1979.


Annette S. Ferguson and Caryl F. Moore

Class of ’79 reunion
committee members


For the good of the American people

To the editor:

I commend President Obama and his administration as they continue to attempt to get legislation passed to benefit the American people. 

The attempt to get a minimum wage bill past the opposing party has been difficult. The opposing party opposes the equal pay of women. 

We hope the elected officials in Washington, D.C. will support the president so he can get his agenda passed for the good of the American people. 

I urge all concerned citizens to contact their elected representative and request that they support the president so legislation will get passed for the good of the American people.

John Woody


South Boston