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When will it pop?

To the editor:

Piecing together current news:

Germany has kept over 1,500 metric tons of its gold in the U.S. since the end of WWII. They decided they wanted at least half of it back in January of last year. Over a year has passed and they have received only five tons from our Federal Reserve. Don’t we have it anymore? Many would like to know but the Fed won’t allow a physical audit.


Another story:

India, Japan, Russia, Iran and China are all signing agreements to trade with each other using their own currencies to avoid using the shrinking value of the U.S. dollar which has depreciated over 25 percent since 2001. More sanctions on Russia over the Ukraine situation will only accelerate this new phenomenon. American currency cannot be trusted to hold value. China and India are using our money to buy gold in record amounts.

So what happens when the dollar becomes worthless, and there are no gold reserves? 

“The empire will come down in a hurry.” I suspect the term “civil disobedience” won’t even come close to describing our situation. Our government sees it coming, but instead of preventing the collapse, they are preparing for its consequences. 

Obama’s transformation of America will begin its final stage.


The U.S. Postal Service as well as the Department of Education, NOAA, EPA, Bureau of Land Management and the Social Security Administration are buying very large amounts of ammunition and guns. Homeland Security itself has purchased billions of rounds of hollow point bullets. These are not for target practice as they say. Does this make you think our government is expecting trouble from within? I’m sure it does, and it’s why there is a big effort for gun control and confiscation.


During WWII Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto was quoted as saying “You cannot invade the mainland United States. There would be a rifle behind each blade of grass.” This stupid, arrogant federal government of ours thinks otherwise.

Hopefully, most of us will survive.

Dan Shaw



A nice place to live

To the editor:

It is so important to have your input in anything that affects our town government.  In fact, the agenda at all our South Boston Town Council meetings includes a time for citizens to address our members about issues that are important to you, the citizen. 

I believe our community is one of the nicest places to live in our state.  Our town employees work for you in keeping our town looking nice by cutting grass, garbage pick up, leaf and debris removal, demolition of unsightly buildings, street cleaning and street maintenance. 

Curbings and sidewalks constantly have to be repaired or replaced and sometimes they must make major repairs to our aging storm water system. All of you saw them at work on one of the storm water repairs in front of the former E. J. Wyatt Chevrolet building. 

Our town staff is always trying to stay on top of these kind of projects in order to keep our infrastructure working properly.

We also have a police department and fire department that are as competent and qualified as any in the state of Virginia. I have witnessed them in action, and we are blessed to have them protecting our homes and businesses.

Sincerely yours,

Bill Snead

South Boston


Banned for life

To the editor

Donald Sterling, as everyone has heard by now is banned for life from any involvement with the Los Angeles Clippers and the NBA in general. 

He is being fined a whopping $2.5 million fine. He is probably going to have to sell his team, which is already worth over a billion dollars. 

I think these charges from the NBA commissioner Adam Silver are appropriate for his racist comments. 

However, having to sell his team is not going to hurt him financially. He is already a billionaire, one of the wealthiest people in the country. 

Paul DuPont