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God has a plan for people like this 

To the editor:

Saturday started off good for me.  I was in my fenced-in backyard with my two dogs, while Daniel was tilling the garden. Julie and Harleigh were right there with us, running and barking, just enjoying the beautiful day.  

We finished with the tiller.  Daniel was in the driveway washing the tiller off to return to True Value.  I got in my car to go to my daughter’s so her husband could come help load the tiller.  I had a hard time helping unload it and knew I could not lift it into the truck. 

Daniel said as I circled the alley and went into the street Julie was barking as usual.  For some reason she went under the fence chasing after me.  In her 10 years never did she go under the fence.  He ran after her calling her, but she did not stop.  We live off North Main Street and by the time he got to North Main, Julie was a block down, and that horrible person had hit her.

I had so hoped she did not suffer, but she did.  For the life of me I have no clue how someone could be so heartless and mean.  I wish no one any harm, but God has a plan for people like this.

I hope the driver slept well Saturday night because I did not.  I hope the driver reads my letter because I would like for that person to know the heartache I have endured.  I miss her more than you will know, I miss her bark, sitting on the couch with me at night, her being under the blanket with me, seeing her play with my cat, and her with her treat teasing Harleigh because Harleigh ate hers before Julie finished. 

Mr. Miller, I am so sorry you had to see this happen.  I know you were very upset, and I so wish you could have gotten his tag number and reported this to the police.  I pray someone got the number and will report this driver.

Vicki Guthrie


South Boston