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Job well done

To the editor:

It is with great pleasure that we, the Logan family, convey our sincere appreciation for the task handed to Lt. M.A. Womack and Investigator Jeff Burton regarding the missing persons case. 

They received the report and were very complimentary and confirmed my thoughts pertaining to the professional manner in which the report was planned and carried out. 

I know that it took long, hard hours and considerable personal sacrifice to collaborate the myriad of details necessary to ensure the success of the task. 

Lt. Womack and Investigator Burton kept the family well abreast of the ongoing process as they displayed exceptional skill and resourcefulness in completing the task in a superior manner. This is a direct reflection of the respect and support they should receive from subordinates and seniors alike. I applaud you on an outstanding job well done.

Our best wishes,

Harold Logan and The Logan Family


Choice is ours

To the editor:

Halifax County’s future is in industrial development and in its public school classrooms. Level funding, meeting minimum standards and revenue neutral budgets will not take us into a brighter tomorrow.

We can either move forward or fall behind as there is no standing still.

The choice is ours. 

Larry D. Clark


South Boston