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Do the right thing

To the editor:

I would like to commend the Halifax County School Board for finally making a decision to do “the right thing” by reinstating Mr. Randolph as principal of Halifax County High School. He has been a great asset to the public school system. Order has been well maintained due to his constant presence and his diligent leadership.

Now it is also time for the school board members to restore morale of veteran school employees by “seeing the light” and reversing other devastating actions that have been taking place over the past two years. 

They need to return all veteran employees who received demotions for no reason and pay reductions for no reason to their rightful positions and salaries. The quality of life for a lot of these excellent employees was dramatically altered by school board decisions. Their morale was also destroyed in the process. 

These veteran employees have earned their salaries through years of unselfish dedication and hard work to the local school system; a lot of times with overtime that they will never be compensated, only to be knocked down to the darkest place some of them have ever been, and they probably never will recover. 

Those who had already signed up as LORP participants should be reconsidered for participation in the program for one year and told that after one year, the program will be discontinued which is what should have happened to begin with when the decision was reached to terminate the program.

Also, Mr. Wilborn, I wish you the best in your lawsuit and hope to see you get reinstated as a teacher for motor sports in the school system. I have heard good things about you.

In my opinion, the school board needs to call a special meeting for the purpose of terminating the superintendent’s contract immediately. Never in the many decades that I have resided in Halifax County have I witnessed the public calling for a superintendent’s resignation or termination. 

Ladies and gentlemen of the board, the public has spoken.

I, as a taxpaying citizen, would like to pose the following question: How much money in legal fees have we forked over since this superintendent was hired? I know it has been a multitude amount of money, which could have been better utilized for the best education for our children and equal and fair payment practices for employees. 

Our children and our employees have suffered severely financially because of this. If we have so much money for legal fees, why is employees’ pay being reduced? 

Would it be possible for the newspaper to find out the answer to this question using the Freedom of Information Act?

School board members I appeal to you to do the only right and justifiable thing by making positive changes that will boost personnel morale and restore the faith of the public school system parents and students. 

This needs to be done a.s.a.p. Remember elections are not far away.


Dotti Womack

South Boston


Cancer association fundraising guidelines

To the editor:

It has come to the attention of the Halifax County Cancer Association Board of Directors that organizations may be hosting fundraisers for individuals with cancer and listing the county cancer association as a sponsor of the event.

The Halifax County Cancer Association is unable to support fundraisers for individuals who have been diagnosed with cancer.

Although it is our purpose to assist any county resident diagnosed with cancer, we as an organization are unable to be associated with fundraisers for individuals.

All our fundraisers are conducted to raise money to help all county cancer patients, so we cannot be associated with such individual fundraising events.

The Halifax County Cancer Association Board of Directors would like  to make it clear that we are not a part of any such individual fundraising events and that the cancer association provides its services for Halifax County cancer patients.

Thank you.

Calvin Williams

Halifax County Cancer Association President

Michelle Epps 

Fundraising Coordinator