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GV endorsements: Romney, Hurt, Allen

Mitt Romney for U. S. President

For almost four years now, our nation’s unemployment rate has continued to hover around 8 percent. Even with President Barack Obama’s “stimulus spending,” it has exceeded 8 percent for 43 consecutive months.


More than 4 million Americans have given up looking for work since January 2009.

The nation is $5 trillion deeper in debt than it was four years ago, with the total national debt speeding past $16 trillion.

Now three years into “recovery,” the nation’s economic growth is nothing short of anemic.

Poverty is rampant, and middle-income families struggle to try to make ends meet.

Obama declares the U. S. economy is finally on the right track, but he argues he needs four more years blaming his lack of economic success so far on what he describes as his inheritance from predecessor George W. Bush.

He says you can’t change Washington from the inside.

It appears the president has thrown out a white flag of surrender concerning our nation’s economy, and that worries us.

We have no confidence Obama will be anymore successful in turning around the nation’s economy in the next four years than he has been in the past. But he says he must have four more years to finish the job he has begun.

We respectfully disagree. We need someone with a proven track record to restore this nation to its rightful place.

Mitt Romney has a proven track record. He can and has turned around a state’s economy while serving as governor of Massachusetts.

He not only turned Massachusetts’ economy around financially, he cut unemployment and turned the deficit he inherited into a rainy day fund doing all of this with an 85 percent Democratic legislature.

If given four more years in the White House, we see little hope Obama will manage our nation’s economy and the budget any better than he has during the last four.

And he can’t blame Republican obstructionism. Remember when he took office, Democrats held strong majorities in the House and Senate for his first two years.

In 2008, voters entrusted him with four years and their hope to make a “change,” but things have only gotten worse.

Obama promised change, but what he has delivered has been disappointment, even to many of his strongest supporters.

Evidence of his failures is apparent in this re-election campaign as he constantly pushes a negative agenda about his opponent rather than standing on his own accomplishments. 

For that reason, we are endorsing Mitt Romney for the next President of the United States.

Granted, he is not our ideal candidate, and he has given us pause with those secretly recorded comments made at that Boca Raton, Fla., fundraiser. Indeed, not his finest moment, but one moment does not define the man.

Looking over his many years, we see a man known for his business acumen, and we believe he is what this nation needs right now to kickstart our economy from its current stalled state.

This man’s strong leadership record is no secret. He has built his own successful business from ground up, saved the 2002 Winter Olympics from mismanagement, and as Massachusetts governor he closed a $3 billion budget gap. He didn’t raise taxes or borrow the money to do any of it either.

We need a man with this kind of strong leadership record in the White House. We believe it is his time to lead.

The nation has had four years of Obama’ s leadership.

Obama once said if he couldn’t repair the economy in three years, “this would be a one-term proposition.”

After reflecting on his four years in the White House, we believe Obama has had his chance.

We endorse Mitt Romney for President.


Robert Hurt for U. S. Congress

This newspaper also enthusiastically endorses the return of incumbent 5th District Representative Robert Hurt to his position in the U. S. Congress so he can continue protecting our freedoms, many of which we have grown to take for granted.

During tough economic times, Hurt has worked hard for this community funding educational opportunities for Southside residents, farmers and small businesses while attracting new industries to the area.

The congressman has worked to balance the budget, reign in government spending and create new jobs for our area.

We watched Robert and his siblings, Charlie and Elizabeth, grow up in a home and community where values such as responsibility and accountability were installed at a young age. He gets it.

Serious consequences are the result of reckless spending, and Hurt maintains his concern that our children and grandchildren will be left holding the bill if the Democrats’ free spending spree is not reined in.

As a Congressman representing the 5th District for the past two years and as a senator in Richmond prior to that, Hurt has worked hard to represent the best interests of his constituents in Southside Virginia, and we believe he is committed to the core conservative values that have marked his entire political life dating back to the earlier years when he served on Chatham Town Council.

If he is re-elected to represent the 5th District, he can be counted on to continue putting our interests first.

We endorse Robert Hurt for Congress.


George Allen for U. S. Senate

We recommend George Allen for U. S. Senate without reserve.

Allen and his Democratic rival Tim Kaine have both served as governors.

Kaine is a popular former governor, but his tenure as governor is not as grand as many like to believe.

Kaine was in the governor’s mansion less than a week when he announced taxes would have to be raised again to address Virginia’s transportation woes in Northern Virginia and Tidewater.

That’s what we remember about his governorship. 

On the other hand, we recall Allen’s tenure as governor as a time for trying to cut taxes, abolishing parole and reforming state welfare, all while working with a General Assembly not under GOP control.

During Kaine’s time as governor, we remember him serving as Democratic National Chairman and touting President Barack Obama’s record every chance he got, definitely showing his partisan ties.

Meanwhile, as governor, Allen was committed to working to reverse the overexpansion of government, to reducing the tremendous debt levied against our children, to protecting innocent life, to preserving property rights and standing for families on a range of other crucial issues.

He believes in upholding the Defense of Marriage Act. However, he recognizes that law does not fully protect the institution of marriage. Therefore, Allen supports not only state constitutional amendments to enshrine marriage as between one man and one woman — like the Virginia Marriage Amendment that he supported in Virginia in 2006 — but also a Federal Marriage Amendment establishing that definition in the U.S. Constitution.

Allen’s record on life issues is strong. As our governor, he signed Parental Notification of Minors for Abortions into law after vetoing a weaker version, and he issued an order that ended 25 years of taxpayer-funded abortions by changing the state employee health benefits plan to prohibit coverage of elective abortions.

Allen believes education policy should be decided and implemented at the state and local level, where it can be most responsive and accountable to parents and school children.

He strongly supports the efforts of Virginia and other states to push back against the government overreach involved in Obamacare, cap and trade legislation and EPA regulation of CO2, NLRB regulation of movement of business investment and jobs to Right-to-Work States and FCC regulation of the Internet, all with the extraordinary costs they will inflict on Virginia families.

He has been a leader for more than three decades in defending our Second Amendment rights, earning an A+ rating from the National Rifle Association.

And as our senator, Allen promises to repeal and replace Obamacare with personal, affordable health care opportunities including health savings accounts and more competition and choice.

For all of these reasons, we endorse George Allen for U. S. Senate.