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Lazy days of summer

They’re upon us a lot sooner than we expect, the lazy days of summer, and although summer doesn’t officially start until June 20, the unofficial start date for most of us is always right after school lets out.

Civility, or lack thereof

“Don’t you stand there,” a gray-haired senior citizen sitting in a lawn chair hollered as I tried to take a spot along side the fence on the visitors’ side of the dugout during a recent softball game.

Mission to Mars

“A man’s reach should exceed his grasp, or what’s a heaven for,” wrote Robert Browning in a 19th century poem.

Flying under the radar

We can’t live without them, but we seldom recognize the work they do, at least publicly.

Less time for service

Service organizations seem to be fewer and fewer in this time-cruncher of a world we live in today.

Brushes with celebrity

A lot of us have had brushes with famous people, movie stars, celebrities or professional athletes.

Don’t ever give up

The ear-to-ear grin said it all for South Boston Elementary School student Trevant Coleman Friday during Senior Night festivities for the Halifax County High School varsity girls soccer team.

Age of innocence

Things aren’t so simple as they used to be.

Gone fishin’

Time to take up one of my favorite pastimes, one I haven’t had time to indulge in lately, fishing.