Wednesday, Jul 30th

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DOUG FORD: Red light, stop!

As a resident of Richmond for many years following graduation from college, I had time to observe traffic patterns – or lack thereof – including how drivers handle stoplights.

DOUG FORD: Stamp of approval

Whatever happened to S&H Green Stamps?

DOUG FORD: In search of cryptids

I’ve become a fan of the television show, “Mountain Monsters,” where a group of six country boys turned explorers research and track a number of cryptids, including the Mountaineer State’s version of Sasquatch, it’s very own Ohio Grassman, and hometown beasts such as Kentucky Wolfman, Wampus Beast and Mothman.

DOUG FORD: Sign language

You’d have to have a little age on you — I do — to recall the 1971 hit single, “Signs,” you know the somewhat of a protest song cranked out by the Five Man Electrical Band.

DOUG FORD: Banana sandwich

Life in its simplest form is like a banana sandwich, the veritable favorite found in lunch boxes everywhere.

DOUG FORD: Gotta love a Bubba

You just have to love Bubba, Bubba Watson that is, the golfer who won the Masters on Sunday.

DOUG FORD: Food for thought

Now that the winter deluge is behind us, and the warmer weather has set in, a lot of us country folk are making plans for our annual gardens.

DOUG FORD: April Fools

Yesterday was April Fools’ Day, a day where practical jokers of all kinds had a field day, hopefully with harmless pranks inflicted on the unsuspecting.

DOUG FORD: Back to the future

Attending the ribbon cutting for the New Brick Historic Lofts on Thursday jolted my memory a little, reminding me of what South Boston used to be like.