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DOUG FORD: Off the grid

A man’s home is his castle — literally speaking if you’ve seen all the inventive ways homeowners are managing to live off the grid and on.

DOUG FORD: Clash of cultures

G.I. Joe, the world’s first action figure, turns 50 this year. 

DOUG FORD: No respect

February is the shortest month, but it can be the hardest month to get through.

Super expensive, super cold

The Super Bowl is upon us again, so get used to two weeks of endless commercial promos, countless biographies of numerous players and mind-numbing accounts of how they made it this far, complete with the usual sappy background music.

Thought for today

I read online a quote I hadn’t heard before, from Horace Walpole, 4th Earl of Orford and English author, “The whole secret of life is to be interested in one thing profoundly and in a thousand things well.”

A better idea?

Ford has a better idea, or so the 1960s television automobile commercial stated.

In praise of fruitcake

I come here to defend the indefensible holiday edible known as fruitcake, yes that seemingly abominable Roman creation that magically appears during holiday parties.


His full name was Walter Addison Marable, Addison to most anyone who knew him, but to generations of boys and girls who knew him best, it was simply, “Coach.”

Christmas wish list

This column has been devoted before to my favorite Christmas presents of all time, including BB guns, toy planes, Tonka toys, erector sets and Lincoln logs.