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Snow is no fun anymore

It was up to WHLF radio announcer Ken Parton to make or break every school-age kid’s day way back in the 60s when snow was predicted.

Oscar mania

I have to admit I didn’t wait up until the late evening hours Sunday to see who won for Best Picture and Actor at the 85th annual Academy Awards.

One final salute

The term “citizen soldier,” coined by the late military historian Stephen E. Ambrose, would fit Major Gen. (retired) Carroll Thackston to a tee.

Role models

Am I the only one confused as to what defines a role model?

Lights out

“Where were you when the lights went out?” is a question some people in New Orleans may be asking following the more than 30-minute blackout inside the New Orleans Superdome during Sunday’s Super Bowl.

The funny season

Traditionally speaking, Southern Virginia experiences four distinct seasons, spring, summer, winter and fall, but the dividing line between the four of them seems to be less distinct the past several years.

Dumpster diving 101

How many of us admit to the fine art of dumpster diving or going through other people’s refuse for hidden treasure.

Meet George Jetson

I got a kick out of the news coming out of the annual International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this month.

When meals attack

Reader’s Digest released a list of the worst foods you can eat, and gee, what a shock, I’ve “enjoyed” them all in the past several days.