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DOUG FORD: Thump test

Those of us living in rural areas don’t need a primer on how to determine if a watermelon, cantaloupe or honeydew melon is ripe.

DOUG FORD: Tudor’s tutorial

Time for just a few observations on a hot, and soon to be hazy, summer morning, when news is slow, and everything else moves even slower.

DOUG FORD: Disconnected

I’ve written about this before in so many words, but I hope we’re not losing our ability to talk to one another.

DOUG FORD: Not so tough

My stint as a re-enactor at the Battle of Staunton River Bridge on Saturday reminded me of how “soft” I’ve become in my old age.

DOUG FORD: Cracker Jack of a column

Like most people, I have a comfort zone when it comes to food, and there are some things I’d rather not sample.

DOUG FORD: Pride of Virginia

We all know by now California Chrome did not win the Triple Crown, falling short at the Belmont Stakes as many horses do after winning the Kentucky Derby and Preakness.


I have to give my cat more credit.

DOUG FORD: Living in a pollen-nation

Don’t be surprised if you see bees and butterflies hovering around me for the foreseeable future.

DOUG FORD: Red light, stop!

As a resident of Richmond for many years following graduation from college, I had time to observe traffic patterns – or lack thereof – including how drivers handle stoplights.