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DOUG FORD: Meet George Jetson

It’s always neat, at least for me, to see the latest trends in electronics, even though I’m still admittedly stuck in the past on a lot of things.

However, I’ve always been a fan of science fiction, and it’s always interesting to find out what gadgets came out of the latest consumer electronics show in Las Vegas.

I was also a fan of Saturday morning cartoons, including The Jetsons, which like the U. S. space program previewed a lot of the futuristic devices and applications we take advantage of today.

It’s all come full circle, and the “smart” house the Jetsons resided in is closer to reality than one would think.

For instance, one thing making its debut this January at the consumer electronics show was the LG Home Chat, a smart platform that allows users to control LG home appliances such as refrigerators, vacuums and washing machines through text and voice commands.

That’s all I need, something else telling me what to do, but what the heck. 

Also making an appearance at the show was the Belkin Crock-Pot WeMo Smart Slow Cooker, a mouthful if I ever heard one.

This handy-dandy device can be controlled remotely by use of a smart phone and reportedly hits the market in March.

With ever increasing reliance on computers and electronic devices in our daily lives, it’s starting to send off warning signals reminiscent of the 1970 movie, “Colussus, the Forbin Project.”

Set during the Cold War, that film was prophetic in warning the world of the dangers associated with technology.

In the film, a huge American defense super computer, Colussus, assumed an identity of its own and decided to control the world in cooperation with a Soviet counterpart, named “Guardian.”

Ultimately, both computers combine forces and together issue an ultimatum to mankind, giving a choice between peaceful subjugation and annihilation.

That’s not a very good choice to make.

Now imagine an out-of-control computer hacking into your iPod and giving you false information or nagging your otherwise smart house. 

Think about that before powering up your smartphone.