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DOUG FORD: My way or the highway

It’s funny what passes for “civil” discourse nowadays, with opinionated people of all stripes taking over the discussion.

No matter what the subject, there’s always someone out there that agrees with you, and you only.

The guys with different opinions must be nut cases from either side of the isle and not worth listening to, subject to being cut off in any conversation.

Not only does the other side not want to hear anything from someone disagreeing with them, they want to shut it down altogether.

The thing that bothers me the most about all of this is the ones who crow the loudest about civil liberties sometimes are the very ones who want to restrict and talk over anyone or any group that offers a different opinion.

I recall watching some of the talk shows in the past that pit politicians with different ideas trading barbs or “gotcha” comebacks.

They’re called “sound bites”, and it makes for good television, but it accomplishes little in the real world, where you see more and more of people simply trying to drown out someone of a different viewpoint.

I’m not a political junkie by any means, and I have my opinions, but I try to give others a break.

Believe it or not, I don’t like to hear myself talk as much as some would think, and I’ve learned as I’ve gotten older to try and listen to those with different ideas.

It’s not football, where I once threw a “bad call brick” made of foam at my television set after my favorite football team gave away yet another game.

You learn something every day, and I’ve learned I can’t have my way all of the time, despite my passion for it.

Life is a series of compromises for most of us, and sometimes we have to accept things we may not like, such as our favorite sports team blowing a big lead and losing to its arch-rival.

Again, one thing I do before I leave the house in the morning is read a copy of the “serenity prayer” hanging near by back door, you know the one that asks you to grant the serenity to accept the things you cannot change, courage to accept the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference. 

I have a lot more things to concern myself with other than someone’s biased opinion, so I won’t sweat the small stuff.