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DOUG FORD: No respect

February is the shortest month, but it can be the hardest month to get through.

Sandwiched between January and March, February, as Rodney Dangerfield would say, just doesn’t get any respect.

Winter is still going full bore, at least at the beginning, and for most of us, sports is in the doldrums, especially considering the Super Bowl has just been played.

College basketball’s March Madness is still a month away, and all you have are a smattering of conference and league games to keep you occupied, unless your local high school sports teams are making some noise.

Most of us are quickly tiring of winter weather, particularly the bone-chilling cold we’ve experienced on a few occasions already this year.

People seem to hunker down in expectation of better things ahead, taking wistful looks at the local ball diamonds and soccer fields still lying dormant in anticipation of a springtime renaissance.

At this time of year, if the temperature warms up enough to permit outdoor activity, it rains, and if the sun is out, it’s cold.

The leaves have long since fallen and have turned into a dull gray mat on forest floors.

Those of us with hobbies retreat into various garages and workshops to try and emulate construction and decorating geniuses seen on various television shows.

Saying all this, there is a ray of hope to relieve the winter doldrums with the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia Feb. 6-23.

Ice hockey, luge, bobsled, downhill skiing and ski jumping continue to be my favorites, so at least there’s something to tune in to for the next several weeks.

There’s always room, as ABC’s Wide World of Sports would say, for the “thrill of victory and the agony of defeat.” 

But, for once I’m actually looking forward to the heat of summer.