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Random acts of kindness

In the midst of a chaotic world, random acts of kindness can make a big difference, whether it be holding the door open for someone or just simply saying please or thank you.

A smile or nod of the head can do wonders, making someone’s day a little better, and laugh at me if you will, but my random acts of kindness extend to the animal kingdom.

Call me hopelessly sensitive, but I cringe at the sight of animals, domestic or wild, along the side of the road, neglected and abandoned even in death.

I’ve even be known to stop and grab turtles in the middle of the highway and put them on the other side to avoid their being crushed by oncoming traffic.

One turtle in particular visits my back yard every year, recognizable by the scar on his back, perhaps a battle scar courtesy of a potential predator.

The wet and cool spring and early summer has allowed me to witness nature at its finest, and instead of destroying spider webs, I’ve stopped long enough to appreciate how intricate, yet strong, they are.

I observed one garden spider construct his web and maintain it over several weeks, and another species has made his home at the corner of a nearby building, a perfect spot to nab an unsuspecting yellow jacket as it makes his way to its nest.

Deer, rabbits, groundhogs and of course squirrels have been in abundance this summer, all of them going about their business oblivious to turmoil in the Middle East, economic uncertainty at home and the 12th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks.

The apocalypse is not upon us, as some would believe, rather each day brings another opportunity to make a difference.

Life goes on, and that’s how nature intended it to be, both now and after we’re all long gone. But even if you can’t donate time or money, just commit a random act of kindness. 

You’ll be better off for it.