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Dare a little

As it frequently happens on Monday mornings, column ideas do not come easily, rather as slow as sorghum molasses.

So I took the easy way, the cheap way out and googled “column ideas,” and lo and behold came words from the book, “Dare to Live Without Limits,” a book written by motivational speaker Bryan Golden.

Since I feel especially unmotivated today, I’ll borrow a couple of passages from Golden’s book and add a few of my own.

“Life is good,” Golden writes, and it’s “a journey that is comprised of a variety of circumstances, situations and experiences.

“We all experience a mix of joy and sorrow, elation and disappointment, the expected and unexpected, and good and bad.”

“Life is good,” Golden continues, “because you have the freedom to get whatever you want from it.  There are no limitations imposed on you.

“If you are not happy with your situation, you can change it.  If you feel you are on the wrong track, you can alter directions.

“When you find your calling, you can focus your energy and efforts on it.”

Some days have more challenges than others, but they all have solutions, and all problems fade with time, Golden added.

“No one’s life is perfect, but everyone has the freedom to overcome obstacles.”

That message is more appropriate considering the start of another school year on Monday.

Each student will face new challenges in the coming months, and I’m sure they will at some point feel a little overwhelmed, particularly those moving from elementary to middle school or from middle school to high school.

I know, because I’ve been there myself.

The class of 1973, which by the way is celebrating its 40th reunion this year, was unique in that we dealt with court-ordered integration my sophomore year in 1969.

Halifax County High School, at that time a school for students in grades 8-12, became Halifax County Senior High School for students in grades 10-12.

The former Mary Bethune High School became Halifax County Junior High School for grades 8-9, and so students my age were taken out of our respective comfort zones midway through the school year and sent there, only to return to the new senior high school the next semester.

We all adapted to that challenge, as did Junior High Principal Lazarus Bates, his staff and teachers, and we made the best out of what could have been a chaotic and uncomfortable situation.

I made new friends along the way, and they remain friends until this day.

Academy Award winning actor Jack Lemmon once said that anything truly worthwhile does not come easy.  If it did, it would not be all that worthwhile.

Failure rarely stops you.  What stops you is the fear of failure, Lemmon also said.

Babe Ruth hit 714 home runs in 22 Major League Baseball seasons.

He also struck out 1,330 times, but who remembers the strikeouts?

Who among us will remember our failures if they add up to success?