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Snakes alive

It’s that time of year again, when animals of every shape and description are on the move, some foraging for food, others for mates, including snakes. 

And I can offer first-hand knowledge of that fact after a four-foot long critter took refuge in my yard last week.

While doing routine maintenance I discovered the snake lying in my gutter, probably fat and happy after devouring the bird eggs I had watched develop from my living room window for several weeks.

He wasn’t there the next day when I checked, but lo and behold I checked out a ruckus in the high grass between my yard and my neighbor’s that afternoon and found a baby rabbit in the snake’s clutches.

A good poke with a stick encouraged him to release his potential prey, with the obviously relieved rabbit scurrying away.

The intruder then climbed a nearby shrub and proceeded to stare me down, a flick of the tongue convincing him I wasn’t a potential prey item.

Relieved to say the least, I watched as he scrambled down into the high grass and out of sight.

With apologies to Halifax County’s own herpetologist, Frank Shealy, I had entertained thoughts the past couple of days of dispatching the intruder, even going to the extent of trying to run him over one evening as he tried to sneak across my driveway.

He escaped that time, but since that point I believe he has become road kill.

All kidding aside, snakes can be beneficial in the control of destructive rodents, so I guess I had to give this one a break.

Still, the thought of one lurking nearby is enough to give just about anyone a case of the heebie-jeebies.