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What to talk about

Once again, it’s Monday, and once again I’ve procrastinated and have no idea for a column.

I could write about the gun control debate, but there are so many emotions and opinions surrounding this topic I could never formulate a sound opinion in the small space allowed me here.

I could say the 2nd amendment to bear arms can be too literally translated, that it isn’t an absolute.

I also could say guns don’t kill people, people do, but that’s too simple an observation to make.

As a part-time hunter, Thanksgiving at the family farm to be precise, I personally don’t have much at stake in the debate.

I could write about the 2013 version of the Cuban Missile Crisis, inserting the name North Korea into the space once occupied by Cuba.

Oddly enough, the current president of North Korea, an impotent egomaniac in my opinion, is more of a loose cannon than former Cuban dictator Fidel Castro.

Of course, due to its proximity to the United States, Cuba posed a more immediate danger in 1962, but missile tests anywhere in the world brought about by unstable governments such as North Korea deserve our attention, particularly with the threat of nuclear attack.

Then again, there are a lot of unstable governments in the world with potential access to advanced weapon systems, and that scares me.

Those are two things I could talk about, but I choose to be positive.

The sun came up today, although hiding behind a patch of clouds, and I’m not anticipating nuclear winter anytime soon.

I don’t see a runaway asteroid in the sky on a collision course with earth, and I don’t anticipate being fried by a solar flare in the near future.

But, I have noticed spring has arrived with a vengeance, with the dull gray of winter transformed into the green hues of leafing trees.

Never mind the pollen, I’m happier spring is here this time around than I have been in several years.

See, I did find something to talk about after all.