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Wisconsin spring

My best friend in Richmond would probably call it a “Wisconsin spring,” when describing the wet, cold, damp weather we’ve been experiencing.

The Milwaukee native should know, and he’s described it to me on several occasions as just that, cloudy, wet, damp, cold and miserable.

Actually, it’s only several days into spring, but it feels more like late winter, complete with snow, sleet, ice and freezing temperatures.

I like the different seasons, but I’m more ready this year than ever for warm weather, and so are the trees, shrubs and plants I’ve seen.

They’ve taken little more than just a peek at the limited sunlight we’ve had the past several weeks before ducking for cover.

You can see the buds on the buttercups try and open but quickly retreat once they get a cold blast of wind, and the lawns are trying to follow suit but are struggling.

There’s plenty of moisture but a lack of sunshine to jumpstart the spring season, and the various recreation leagues and school sports teams are feeling the heat with a number of postponements to deal with.

But, wait, around the corner is Easter, and the temperature may approach 60 degrees that day and beyond, so there’s hope.

There’s always hope.  Just witness March Madness and giant killers Florida Gulf Coast and LaSalle.

If they can persevere, so can we.

Happy Easter, everyone, and I’m actually looking forward to yard work this year.