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The well of column ideas has run dry

Well, folks the well has run dry this week for column ideas, and I’ve found you can’t draw blood from a turnip.

You’d think I would have plenty of ideas after the last week, one in which I covered South Boston Town Council on Monday, represented my newspaper at the annual Halifax County Chamber of Commerce meeting and banquet on Tuesday, and don’t forget Thursday, when the United States Army Field Band & Soldiers’ Chorus appeared at the high school.

For those of you who couldn’t make it Thursday, you missed a great evening of musical excellence that comes around only so often (see Paula Bryant’s column and the front page story in Monday’s paper).

I made a “guest appearance” Friday at the Halifax County Community Federal Credit Union annual meeting and banquet, and I followed that up Saturday by covering the Halifax-South Boston Dixie Softball opening ceremonies, and a pair of middle school baseball and softball doubleheaders.

Those of you who don’t think anything happens in Halifax County can walk a mile in a reporter’s shoes, but don’t try mine, because they’re about worn out.

I’m not the only one with a lot going on, what with springtime here and all the upcoming festivals and fire department fundraisers, not to mention a plethora of middle school, high school and recreation sports blossoming like the leaves on the trees in my yard.

Also running amok are the voles in my yard, and Whiskers, my calico attack cat, is running behind in her quota of critters for the year after dispatching about 12 voles and four field mice two summers ago.

I did, however, catch her wrestling with a bat upstairs in my house not too long ago, and where the bat went I’m afraid to guess.

Don’t think I’ll have much company until that issue is resolved.

At any rate, watch out for the poison oak, those infernal ticks and other beasties that go itch and scratch in the night, and maybe next week I’ll have thought of something more readable.

Until then, keep your stick on the ice, and fare thee well.