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Good friend Isaac

If there ever was a case for good timing, the appearance of Hurricane Isaac, or its remnants, was just that for many areas of the country.

Although downgraded before it reached this area, what was once Isaac is bringing much needed moisture to a great portion of Virginia, including Halifax County.

I feel for the residents of New Orleans and surrounding areas, which bore the brunt of Isaac’s fury, but for the Midwest the rain was indeed a welcome respite from months of severe drought.

It’s a bonus when we get the needed rainfall without the severe weather such as wind and tornadoes, which accompany land-falling hurricanes.

At any rate, it all was good to see, and nature’s timing couldn’t have been better, at least for this area.

If we’re dodging hurricanes, it must be September, the height of hurricane season, and most of us are used to scanning the weather reports each day to follow the progress of each hurricane from tropical depression to tropical storm to its ultimate identity.

With all the technology afforded weather forecasters, hurricanes still tend to do their own thing, jogging from one degree to another as they approach land to keep us all guessing.

We’re all familiar with the Weather Channel crew who intentionally put themselves in harm’s way to give us perhaps the ultimate reality show.

Hurricane coverage is a ratings bonanza for them, but for the rest of us, particularly those directly in the hurricane’s path or planning vacations, it becomes must-see TV.

At some point, however, all this coverage may numb us as to the real and present danger posed by hurricanes and similar severe storms.

The first Gulf War had a video game aspect to it, but it’s easy to imagine the imminent danger faced by residents who refuse to evacuate and hold impromptu “hurricane parties.”

Hurricane Isabel and its plus-60 MPH wind gusts in 2003 was as close as I would want to get to a hurricane in Halifax County, but as I recall, it also brought beneficial rainfall.

At any rate, hurricane season is upon us again, so watch and listen.