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DOUG FORD: Disconnected

I’ve written about this before in so many words, but I hope we’re not losing our ability to talk to one another.

You know, the hands draped across the bed of a pickup truck conversing with someone on the other side, a casual visit where neighbors sit at a picnic table in the shade of a summer afternoon kind of conversation.

Not really gossip but just small talk and “keeping up” talk.

Surprise visits are the exception rather than the norm, and usually a lot quicker than they used to be.

I admit to being an extremely lucky youngster growing up without the technology we all “enjoy” today.

Mealtime was a time to catch up with family happenings, what happened at school, how are things going with you type of conversations.

I know, it may sound hokey to some of you, a “Leave It To Beaver” kind of household, but I’m the King of Nostalgia.

Neighborhood children walking next door to organize a pickup basketball game, or simply playing “Army” with a stick were staples of my childhood.

A lot of conversations I hear now are over the top and are kind of the wrong place at the wrong time.

I recall being at a store not too long ago and thinking someone was talking to me before turning my head and realizing they were talking with that funky looking device in their ear.

I thought people with too many items in the express line at grocery stores were a hassle until I started seeing people having long-winded conversations on cell phones while checking out, oblivious to the clerk.

I can understand emergencies, don’t get me wrong, but please step away from the counter or try and call back.

I’ve also witnessed families out to eat together, a great idea but please, make eye contact with each other instead of absorbing yourself in iPods or cell phones. 

Sometimes I want to take my remote with me when I leave the house, so I can hit the mute button when I need to.

Perhaps in some old, dusty warehouse in Hollywood, I can come across the “dome of silence” used by Don Adams in the old television series, “Get Smart.” 

I guess I can’t have my cake and eat it too, but life goes on.