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DOUG FORD: Red light, stop!

As a resident of Richmond for many years following graduation from college, I had time to observe traffic patterns – or lack thereof – including how drivers handle stoplights.

Running red lights seemed to be the national pastime of drivers in the capital city, and woe unto any driver who didn’t look both ways before entering an intersection on green.

A yellow light seemed to be an invitation to dash headlong through an intersection as if the driver were behind the wheel of a Sherman tank.

Impatience was one reason for such indifference, and it seemed stoplights were invented to impede the flow of traffic rather than help it.

One block, stop, one block, stop, was the routine everyone seemed to follow in downtown Richmond.

I recall the exhaust combining with the still air of summer in Richmond to create a toxic haze, and that combined with all the asphalt and concrete absorbing that summer heat made for an interesting commute.

To a much lesser extent, South Boston follows that same pattern, especially when trying to exit my office on Halifax Road.

As soon as traffic heading north goes past you, traffic from the other direction blocks your way if you’re trying to turn in the median and go south.

I guess it’s just a personal annoyance, but it does prompt some impatience on my part.

More annoying are drivers who cruise in the turning lane without intending to turn, all the while talking on their cell phones and/or munching something or the other.

Ever play the game where you’re in the passing lane and signal your intention to change to the right lane?

It’s a sure bet that the motorist behind you in the right lane tries to speed up and cut you off.

I guess their already bruised egos can’t take someone in front of them even for a brief moment.

Must be a NASCAR wannabe, but anyway there you have it.

Everyone has their pet peeves as it relates to driving, with all the distractions with signage and lights we have to deal with on a daily basis, almost like a Pac Man game.

Don’t get gobbled up…