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DOUG FORD: Banana sandwich

Life in its simplest form is like a banana sandwich, the veritable favorite found in lunch boxes everywhere.

Take away the Saran wrap or tin foil, and you know what you’re getting.

Salad dressing, mayonnaise or peanut butter, or a combination of any two of them was the staple condiment of my youth.

Just slice a banana, slap two pieces of white bread together, and there you go.

No tofu for this boy, although my father considered brains and eggs and pigs feet delicacies.

Life was not so complicated back in the 60s.

We thought hiding under our desks at elementary school was some sort of hide-and-seek, not a civil defense drill in preparation for a possible nuclear attack.

I would imagine most parents did not tell their children the full story behind the Cuban Missile Crisis, and neither did mine.

We didn’t have air conditioning until I was in my teens, so the windows went up, and the front door was open every night during the summer.

Only a wooden screen door separated us from the great outdoors, and the crickets and frogs serenaded us to sleep only interrupted by the occasional Saturday night drag race down 501 in front of my house.

The availability of technology is supposed to make our lives easier and simpler, but I think it’s made it more complicated than ever before.

Living in a fishbowl with the world looking in has me thinking of the television show, “Life Below Zero,” which chronicles everyday life of some hardy families living in Alaska just below or above the Arctic Circle.

Life there is all about survival, plain and simple in areas where human beings aren’t necessarily at the top of the food chain.

In some ways I envy them, but I don’t think I’d like to duplicate their lifestyle. 

At any rate, I’m comfortable in my own skin.