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COMMUNITY VOICE: The income inequality proverbs

By Dane Skelton

None of the problems of economic justice we face are new. Every advanced civilization has had to deal with them. The wisdom to solve them was revealed long ago.

COMMUNITY VOICE: Unfortunately, a true story

By Karen Robertson

Halifax County Humane Society President


I’m looking in the window on a cold snowy night watching a family gathered around the fire as lights from the Christmas tree cast their holiday spell. The children are playing with a fat little puppy and over in the corner a contented cat lies fast asleep. But looking is all I can do. You see, I’m what the humans call an old stray dog. My ribs are showing, and I’m dirty. My paws are cut and bleeding, but I’ve no choice but to keep on walking. I don’t belong anywhere.

COMMUNITY VOICE: Uranium mining: What exactly is it?

By Jordan Bagbey


I cannot claim to be an expert on uranium mining; however, I have researched the topic academically and feel qualified to at least discuss it. 

COMMUNITY VOICE: In defense of the school board

By Cheryl Watts

A trustee pretty much has a thankless job. 

COMMUNITY VOICE: Former regulator refused to talk about money

By Katie Whitehead

Paid consultant Kevin Scissons recently stated that it would be ridiculous to suggest that the United States could not mine and mill uranium safely in Virginia; after all, the U.S. put a man on the moon. 

COMMUNITY VOICE: ‘Duck Dynasty’ — Lessons from the swamp

By Bill and Lynne Quackenbush

“Duck Dynasty,” a family based TV series, opened its fourth season recently and broke records while doing so.  About 12 million viewers watched the season premier, making it “…the most watched non-fiction series telecast in cable TV history.”  It should make you wonder ‘why’ and ‘how’ an extended family of self-admitted “Louisiana rednecks” that makes duck calls for a living could grab and hold the attention of millions of Americans each week.  

COMMUNITY VOICE: ‘No justice, no peace:’ The unjust treatment

By Mel Whitlock

On Aug. 3, 2013 Alexis Murphy, a 17-year-old high school senior from Nelson County, failed to return home from a scheduled hair appointment in nearby Lynchburg. 

COMMUNITY VOICE: Honest discussion needed on uranium mining

The people of Southside Virginia deserve an honest discussion about uranium mining in Pittsylvania County. We deserve a discussion based on science and facts that informs us, rather than stirring up our fears and emotions.

COMMUNITY VOICE: Virginia Uranium isn’t asking for milling regulations

By Katie Whitehead 

Uranium milling is legal in Virginia. So is the storage of uranium mill tailings. Virginia Uranium is not asking for milling regulations. It doesn’t have to.