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(EDITOR’S NOTE: The following letter written by Anne Cockrell of Pittsylvania County was sent to state legislators to consider before they convene in the 2013 General Assembly session in January. It is reprinted here upon request and with permission.)

Ensuring a vote for Obama: A lesson for the black ‘old guard’

The Presidential Election of 2008 was the first time I participated in the voting process, and in that election, I voted on my convictions of personal beliefs. Socially and economically, then-candidate Barack Obama’s platform, contradicted the convictions and beliefs I held firm; as a result, I decided to vote for his opponent, John McCain. 

LORP, budget debate continues

(EDITOR’S NOTE: Dave Strom of South Boston delivered the following remarks during Monday night’s meeting of the Halifax County School Board, and his remarks are reprinted in this Community Voice column in their entirety.)

With malice toward none: What happens Nov. 7

As a child, I can recall my recollection of a presidential election year, which was in 1992. In that year, incumbent President George H. W. Bush had been defeated by his challenger, Bill Clinton. 

$48 annual Halifax County trash fee explained

The Halifax County Solid Waste Disposal Authority recently was formed by the Halifax County Board of Supervisors.  This action permits the county to place the operation of the county’s solid waste transfer station and the transportation of solid waste from the transfer station to the regional landfill in Mecklenburg County under control of the authority.  

The lawn jockey mentality

With less than three months until the presidential election, gas prices steadily on the rise, unemployment eclipsing steadily above 8 percent, and over 47 million Americans on welfare, the last thing one would imagine that a member of our congress is focusing on would be the racial backdrop of a campaign rally. 

No. 1 uranium hurdle: Developing a safety culture

The National Academy of Sciences report concluded that Virginia would face “steep hurdles” if it removes the moratorium on uranium mining. Arguably the steepest hurdle is developing a culture of safety, in which both regulators and employees, as well as elected officials and corporate executives, give priority to protecting our health and resources.

It makes sense

There has been a lot of talk lately about what the YMCA of South Boston/Halifax County and the Mecklenburg County YMCA are doing. 

Thanks from a grateful mom


Many may remember that my son, Chris Ammons, was in a terrible car accident May 30.  It was the worst day of my life.