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Same sex marriage myths

Two cases that could forever change the United States are being argued before the Supreme Court this week.  The cases are as follows:

It’s a ‘mini Carnegie Hall’ right here in South Boston

Some time back, someone told me he was asked, “Why waste your time on the Parsons-Bruce Art Association or Destination Downtown?  You get nothing from them.”

A warning to parents I never received

On Thursday, Feb. 21, I received a phone call from the principal of Meadville Elementary School. She started the conversation saying she had my son in the office, and she was going to let him tell me what happened.

Arguments in favor of mining in Virginia not sufficiently persuasive

I have followed the uranium debate for several years. I have listened to mining proponents’ views and read their press releases. I have noted the various positions taken by local governing bodies and newspaper editorial pages. I have read the reports offered by NAS and Chmura Economics and skimmed the Moran and Virginia Beach reports and the report prepared by the Governor’s Uranium Working Group.

Mining, health risks and medical geology

A little known multidisciplinary field that spans the vast scientific landscape from medicine to earth science goes by the name of “medical geology.” 

Going to the heart of the uranium debate

The idea of uranium in Virginia seems as incomprehensible as dogwood trees in the Sahara desert. Even after reading the reports from various committees, the National Academy of Sciences report, hearing the contentious debates in the state legislature and seeing pictures of mines online, there is still an air of unreality about the enormous deposit of uranium found in Coles Hill, a settled farming community in the rolling hills of southern Virginia.

Indulging in the idolatry of Obama

Interestingly, I spoke to a very wise woman the morning after the inauguration who had attended the event. The woman, who had voted Democrat straight ticket, supports Obama’s first and now second term in office. 

On uranium mining, a fiscal conservative might well say ‘no’

Traditional conservative values support continuing the moratorium on uranium mining in Virginia. Moving forward with legalization of uranium mining in Virginia would be expensive for taxpayers, with no guarantee the costs would ever be recovered.

Resisting evil in a violent world

The Bible, in one sense, is the story of the cosmic struggle of good versus evil. It teaches us that evil is real, that it is in the world to stay, and that, as Solzhenitsyn said, “The line between good and evil runs through the middle of the human heart.” The Bible also teaches us that we have a duty to resist evil, first in our own hearts, and then in the world, and to work for the good of others.