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By George Hayes

This is in response to the June 19 letter by Mr. Ron Miller in the News & Record, entitled “Not Much of a War.” Since then, Mr. Miller has walked back this letter “a little” in his June 26 clarification. 

COMMUNITY VOICE: Significant victory

By David Rathel

Last week, news organizations are rightly devoting attention to Burwell v. Hobby Lobby Stores, Inc., a landmark Supreme Court ruling issued on June 30. 

COMMUNITY VOICE: Passionate people

By Cheryl G. Watts


These comments are in response to the School Board meeting on June 9. 

COMMUNITY VOICE: Is this any way to conduct public business?

By Robert R. Meeks

I read with great interest the story in your newspaper reporting on what some speakers at a school board meeting said about the way school Superintendent Dr. Merle Herndon and the school board dealt with high school Principal Albert Randolph’s case.

COMMUNITY VOICE: High school athletics in Halifax

By Mark Cole


I am a concerned parent and citizen of Halifax County. I have been a past student athlete and parent of an athlete at Halifax County High School.

COMMUNITY VOICE: Volunteers, funding desperately needed

By Tim Boelte 

It’s 2:30 a.m. on any given morning. You wake up and know something isn’t right. Insert your own emergency story here. It can be that you are having severe chest pain. Maybe your child is having breathing problems. Maybe the dog is going crazy, and you smell smoke. 

COMMUNITY VOICE: See, I told you so

By Barry Bank

I told you so. Regarding an article entitled “Numbers dip in Halifax, across Southside region” recently published in a local newspaper, the results posted by University of Virginia’s Weldon Cooper Center for Public Services were like those indicated in several letters I submitted to the newspapers in Halifax County over the last 10 or so years. 

COMMUNITY VOICE: Expanding health coverage important for all Virginians

By Dr. Habib Bassil

The inability of so many of our fellow citizens to access basic health insurance coverage represents a public health crisis that is undermining the well-being and security of the most vulnerable in our community.

COMMUNITY VOICE: ‘Leaving it alone’ should not be option

By Anne Cockrell


(EDITOR’S NOTE: The following e-mail was sent to Danville City Council members).  


You truly have a huge toxic mess to deal with regarding Sunday’s (Feb. 2) coal ash spill into the Dan River.  I can appreciate the seriousness of the spill, as I, and many, many others, have spent the last six-plus years trying to prevent a potential spill from ever occurring near the headwaters of the Roanoke and Banister Rivers, namely from the proposal to mine and mill uranium.