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Indulging in the idolatry of Obama

Interestingly, I spoke to a very wise woman the morning after the inauguration who had attended the event. The woman, who had voted Democrat straight ticket, supports Obama’s first and now second term in office. 

The woman brought up an issue that has convicted my heart long ago about those who stand in full support of President Barack Obama and his policies; there is a strong sense of idol worship surrounding the presidency of Barack Obama. 

The woman pointed out for sale are Obama earrings, purses, T-shirts, etc., all of the things that symbolize a dark feeling of idolatry. Finally, the woman questioned, “Would these people behave this way over Jesus Christ?”

Of course, having these things revealed to me by the Holy Spirit, I calmly reminded myself of several verses in Romans and in the book of Matthew. 

Last night, I spoke to a young lady about the book of Matthew and the purpose of 12:48-50, where Jesus explained that his mother and brothers are those who do “the will of thy Father.” 

The young lady, who is also an Obama supporter, proceeded to point out the acts of idolizing Obama, by many from her community, which is primarily African-American.     

What can it be said of, when an allegiance to a man overcomes the basic morals of right and wrong? 

During the inauguration, I heard many cheers on television from people, who were a majority of churchgoers, applauding as Obama promised to push for the immoral endorsement of the same sex culture. 

I heard many cheers on television from people, who were a majority church goers, rejoice as Obama declared that man has more power over the climate than God Himself.

 I heard many “amen” and “hallelujah” on the television from people who were a majority of church goers, as Obama declared the government as the solution for social uplift and not Jesus Christ and the church. 

Before my very eyes, I have seen people cheer for wrong and even abandon their most basic of moral principles as a means to justify an unwavering and unquestionable support for a man and his policies. 

BET, who has never covered an inauguration prior to the election of Obama, titled their coverage “From King to President,” and I have noticed even BET’s Sunday worship shows are less inclusive of the name Jesus Christ. 

Although my political position has been documented and known to be honestly critical of Obama and his policies, I have an uneasy feeling behind the notion or belief that any man should be held up in such an idolatrous manner. 

In my opinion and conviction of truth, I am firm that the increased indulgence of embracing this president as more than a flawed human, as we all are, has caused the negative detour of many souls both nationally and locally. 

If one must seek revelation in the matter by which people can turn from God without even realizing, then I encourage a Biblical review of the Exodus from Egypt by the Hebrew people. After God delivered the Hebrew people from the bondages of slavery in Egypt, the people began to curse and fault God for their hardship in the wilderness. 

In the process, the people began to replace worshipping God by worshipping idols. Although it was to have been a seven-year journey in the wilderness, the people wandered for over 40 years because of their blind and misguided faith.

Through God’s allowance, Barack Obama was elected President of the United States; however, I am convicted that Barack Obama is not a deliverance from God; as evidenced through his embracing of such idolatry and contradictory positions on the teachings of Jesus Christ. 

I have seen so many compromise their beliefs in moral right and wrongs to claim a 100 percent understanding of “having his back,” and that being an Obama slogan specifically targeted to the black community.

Man cannot serve two masters, and I continue to pray for the clarity and discernment of this matter before many of those who chant Obama, wear earrings with his image, hold purses of his likeness, attempt to imitate his wife, etc., become the people of the wilderness who never made it to the promise land.