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$48 annual Halifax County trash fee explained

The Halifax County Solid Waste Disposal Authority recently was formed by the Halifax County Board of Supervisors.  This action permits the county to place the operation of the county’s solid waste transfer station and the transportation of solid waste from the transfer station to the regional landfill in Mecklenburg County under control of the authority.  

These services provided by the authority are used to process and transport all solid waste generated in the towns and unincorporated areas of Halifax County.

To cover the costs of the services, the authority is charging a $48 annual user fee per residential household to all residents of the county—including those in towns.  This fee covers only a portion of the actual annual cost of operations of the transfer station and transport of refuse to Mecklenburg County.  

The fee does not cover the operation of the convenience centers, green boxes or town collection services.   These activities continue to be paid for as they have been in the past.  

The $48 annual fee will be included on personal property tax bills to be issued in November, and each household is responsible for only one $48 charge.  Should you mistakenly receive more than one charge, call 434-476-3314 to have a correction made.

Some residents of the county have recently expressed a concern about the county’s use of a $3 fee charged on their utility bills.  This fee is a local consumption tax first placed on utility bills in 1972.  The tax is deposited in the county’s “General Fund” that pays the county’s expenses including the cost to maintain greens boxes and solid waste collection centers as well as fund state mandates for closure of the Bethel Landfill.  

Like all costs over the past 40 years, the county’s cost for solid waste collection has greatly increased and now must also include the costs to operate the transfer station and haul solid waste to the regional landfill.   

The $48 annual fee is an attempt to help the county raise the needed revenue to help cover this service. 

Halasz is the administrator for Halifax County.