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The lawn jockey mentality

With less than three months until the presidential election, gas prices steadily on the rise, unemployment eclipsing steadily above 8 percent, and over 47 million Americans on welfare, the last thing one would imagine that a member of our congress is focusing on would be the racial backdrop of a campaign rally. 

Unfortunately, racially mobilizing the black vote for Barack Obama has taken precedent over finding economic solutions by the black liberal base.   

America has the opportunity to hear two great political minds outline separate plans to generate growth in a stagnate economy; however, Donna Christensen, Democrat House of Representatives member-Virgin Islands, exemplifies a growing trend amongst Democrat leadership’s attempt to infect healthy debate with the sickening tones of racial divisiveness. 

In a poorly constructed tweet, the delegate from the Virgin Islands stated the following about a recent Romney rally in Norfolk:   

“Wait a minute! Are there black people in Va? Guess just not w Romney Ryan! At least not seeing us. We know who’s got our back & we have his”-Donna Christensen

Many years ago, Malcolm X warned black America about the dangers of racially aligning itself with political parties; in particular, X was especially critical of blacks who racially mobilized to politically support Democrats. Malcolm X’s foreshadowing of the dangers of racial loyalty to a party or ideology  50 years ago, comes to fruition through Donna Christensen and other black Democrats who have racially aligned themselves behind a man or a political party. 


Virginia, Obama does not have your back

Refuting the racial generalization of Donna Christensen’s tweet, I know of many non-white Virginians who have attended the Romney rallies here in the Commonwealth of Virginia. As a Virginian who is black, I am going on record to say that I will not “have President Obama’s back” for re-election, because Obama has failed the people of Virginia in times of need.

In April of 2011, several tornados ripped through the state and left numerous counties with millions of dollars in damages. My native county of Halifax received substantial damages, along with several other counties during that month. Washington County, which endured excess winds from an EF3 tornado, had over $40 million in damages, which was the worst of all impacted counties. 

Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell sent a request to the Obama Administration’s FEMA Department requesting disaster assistance only to be denied without a visit from any FEMA official to estimate the damaged counties.    

In August of the same year, a 5.8 earthquake shook the entire state of Virginia and parts of Maryland. At the epicenter of the earthquake was the town of Mineral. After sustaining millions in damages from the unexpected earthquake, Governor McDonnell again reached out to the Obama Administration for relief assistance. Once again the governor’s request was denied. 

At the same time the people of Mineral were being denied assistance for the damage or loss to their homes, Mayor Vincent Gray of Washington D.C., was approved for millions in disaster relief to repair several national monuments that sustained damage from the same earthquake. 

Fortunately for the people of Mineral, the FEMA denial would be overturned four months later as the president announced a bus tour through Virginia. However, President Obama did not tour the impacted areas during his visit, despite an invitation to do so by Governor McDonnell.    

Virginians must hold to truth in regards to Obama ‘having Virginia’s back.’ The truth is that Washington County sustained more damage than both D.C. and Mineral combined; however, both the request and appeal for FEMA assistance were denied by the Obama Administration. 

The Town of Mineral was at the epicenter of an earthquake, and homes were destroyed; however, the people of Mineral had to wait several months for a FEMA denial to be overturned, while Washington D.C. was given immediate funds to repair monuments damaged from the same earthquake.    


The language that racially disturbs me

As I research and study the parallels of slavery and politics, I am observing the ‘old-white’ establishment of the Democrat Party becoming once again comfortable in the role of political slave master to those who have racially aligned themselves to Democrat Party leadership.

Historically, there have been several accounts during the American Civil War of slave masters invoking a sense of fear amongst their slaves towards Union forces in the hope to hinder slaves from defecting to the North or revolting against their master. 

Throughout the Civil War, many slaves remained loyal to owners because they were convinced by their masters that the Union would treat the slave much harsher than his or her master ever would.

 While in Danville, current Vice President Joe Biden, who has a history of racially charged statements, told a large crowd of majority-black supporters that Republican leadership is “going to put y’all back in chains!” 

Taking the role of political slave owner, the Democrat Party has a continued intent to invoke racial fears of its political opponents when addressing primarily black audiences. 

Unfortunately, the Donna Christensens of the Democrat Party endorse the monopolization of the black vote through such tactics of racial fear-mongering that were displayed in the former confederate capital of Danville.   


Addressing the lawn jockey mentality

Democrat grassroot organizations traditionally teach the importance of diversity within its campaign backdrops in the hope that the viewer visually identifies himself or herself with the candidate. Serving as nothing more than a political prop, focusing on the campaign backdrop is nothing more than observing a ‘lawn jockey’ in a yard.  

In the 19th and early 20th centuries of American history, the black lawn jockey served as a terrible symbol to portray black contentment in South. Dark face, big pink lips, wide-grinned, the black lawn jockey was likely used to reflect a friendly and welcoming atmosphere for its visitors. 

If focusing on how many black faces are in the audience behind a candidate is more important than the candidate’s message, then I argue that Mrs. Christensen believes the role of blacks in the Democrat Party is best suited as political “lawn jockeys” and is content with being placed in such a role.     

Make no mistake, my observation of racial loyalty from black Democrat officials is not an encouragement to shift the ‘black vote’ from Democrat to Republican. I do not believe in leaving one master for another master.

 It is only important that no one should make racial oaths to “have someone’s back.” In addition, black Virginians do not owe any person or party their blind support. 

A lawn jockey is only good for appearance and not advice, and I caution anyone to embrace any ideals that treat any race or group as such.  


Final thought

In closing, I respect the historical achievement of President Obama’s election in 2008; after all, he is the first minority president in the history of our great nation. 

I do believe that embracing his historic presidency does not, and should not, replace holding his administration accountable for its leadership, as all other administrations have been held in the past. 

Racially I do not “have the president’s back,” because I refuse to be a political lawn jockey for any person or party. 

In my opinion, black America continues to economically decline as a result of the policies put forth by the Obama Administration, and that is evidenced to the 6 percent increase in black unemployment under his term.

As a Virginian, I do not “have the president’s back,” because of the negligence to address the disasters that impacted the state in 2011. 

Even as the president toured the state on his bus to promote a jobs bill and generate campaign support, he declined invites to tour the disaster-stricken areas. 

While Joe Biden was telling a majority-black crowd in Danville that Romney and the Republicans want to put them “in chains,” he said nothing of neighboring Martinsville’s chronic unemployment which has nearly doubled under the Obama Administration. 

Needless to say, this black Virginian will not have Obama’s back in November.