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Thanks from a grateful mom


Many may remember that my son, Chris Ammons, was in a terrible car accident May 30.  It was the worst day of my life.  

He was airlifted to Lynchburg General, given emergency surgery and after a couple of days was sent on to the UVA Medical Center for additional care due to the severe injuries he sustained.  

Since that day, Chris has spent most of his time at the UVA Medical Center and after a total of eight trips to the operating room, he was able to come home June 30.  

I am writing on behalf of my family to publicly give thanks and appreciation for the countless prayers, thoughts and many acts of kindness given to our family from friends, family, coworkers, churches, neighbors and even people we did not know but were concerned for Chris’s welfare.  

Chris would not be here today if it were not for two gentlemen, William Majors and James “Honeycake” Edmonds, who so courageously pulled my son from his burning car.  They truly are hometown heroes.  Thank you just doesn’t seem to relay the depth of heartfelt gratitude my family has for these two gentlemen. We are forever grateful to them both.  

Chris just recently asked me how he survived such an accident, and my answer to him was God’s grace and two angels, Mr. Majors and Mr. Edmonds.  

The prompt actions taken by the Virginia State Police, fire department, rescue squad and Halifax Regional Health System Emergency Room are very much appreciated, and although I do not know who all of you are, please know I have thought about you and thank you for caring for my son and the couple also involved in the crash with Chris.  I also want to thank my colleagues working at Halifax Regional Health System and the Woodview for your calls, prayers, support and concerns.    

It’s hard to know where to start when thanking all of the doctors and nurses who assisted in Chris’s care.   They did so much, more than we will ever know probably, yet never wavered in treating Chris.  I know I don’t have all of their names but Dr. Wisbeck and Dr. Hill at Lynchburg General worked tirelessly to repair Chris’s injuries and get him ready to go to UVA for additional care.  

Dr. Weiss at the UVA Medical Center was waiting for Chris when we arrived and didn’t miss a beat in providing the additional level of surgery needed, and when the time came a couple of weeks later, Dr. Drake finished with plastic surgery. The care was exceptional; the nursing staff was professional and the doctors outstanding.  

My co-workers have been my rock, especially during that most critical time that first day and then again, during our first short lived trip home from the hospital and then many, many times since.  They have helped with so many aspects of Chris’s care and my family’s well being.  They are such a great group of people, and I am privileged to work with them.  

I am thankful for Rev. Ed Melvin and his wife, Marty, for their visits, calls and constant continued support to my family.   I am deeply grateful to my neighbors.   My neighbors have visited, inquired about Chris, brought food, and have helped care for Chris, and they continue to check on him.  Now that I am back at work, I can have peace of mind knowing if needed, all it takes is a phone call to a neighbor, and they are right there for you.      

I am thankful for Chris’ friends as they have been wonderful about visiting at the hospital, helping with feeding the pets, running errands, coming over to watch movies with Chris, encouraging him and taking him for short rides to get him out of the house for a few minutes.  

There have been countless prayers by friends, neighbors and many local churches.  Your prayers were constantly felt and gave us a lasting comfort that carried my family through the most difficult experience we have ever faced.   

When the accident occurred, I had just finished reading a book by Peggy Ruth on Psalm 91.  It speaks to the inner comfort and peace one feels under the protective wings of God.  Your prayers became God’s protective wing that gave us the comfort, peace and strength to carry on and trust that Chris was going to be ok.  I feel so blessed today to say your prayers, as were mine, were answered.  His recovery will be long, but it will come.  

How wonderful it is to live in Halifax County and enjoy the closeness of friends, family, co-workers and churches during a difficult time and how all of your prayers and acts of kindness gave us strength to carry on and made our burden easier to bear.  Our lives have been blessed in so many ways, and we want you to know how much it has meant to us.  

Ammons lives in Halifax.