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Nabbed on Christmas Eve

Charlie the beagle scampered out of his foster home backyard on Marshall Avenue to see what the rest of the world was doing on Christmas Eve. Fortunately, he was nabbed by South Boston Police Officer F. A. Powell soon after wandering off before any harm could befall him. 

The good officer kept Charlie safe until he could be picked up by a local animal rescuer. 

Charlie was a stray who came from the animal control facility and was given a second chance on life by Penny Angels Beagle Rescue and his local foster home. Thanks to the kindness of a caring police officer, a concerned animal rescuer and his local foster home, Charlie is enjoying the rest of this holiday season safe and secure.

 Powell said he was regular patrols when he spotted the little dog at the corner of Marshall Avenue and Vaughan Street.

 He said he didn’t know the dog was missing at the time, but he still decided to stop because his girlfriend had just gotten him a German shepherd puppy for Christmas and he had “a soft spot” for the little beagle.

“It seemed like a normal dog. It didn’t seem like a stray dog,” Powell said.

 When he stopped, the dog ran up to his car door, and when he realized the dog was friendly, he picked him up to read to his collar.

 He said he found the owner’s contact information and gave them a call and took care of the little fella until the owner was able to pick it up.

“I’m glad his owner was able to come pick him up,” Powell said.

The law enforcement officer said if he can’t find out where dogs belong or if they don’t have a collar, he is required to take them to the pound.

Charlie is the third dog Powell has picked up during his career as a cop. He previously picked up a dog on Berry Hill Road and another on North Main Street. Unfortunately he had to turn both of those dogs over to animal control because they didn’t have a tag. 

Fortunately for Charlie, this dog tale had a happy ending.