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Governor’s School comes back up for debate

The possibility of rejoining Governor’s School will be further addressed this evening at 5:30 when the Halifax County School Board holds a work session in the school board conference room in Halifax. 

The work session was called following last month’s school board meeting when the board decided to hold off on deciding whether or not to rejoin Governor’s School. 

Coordinator of AP/DE and Student Services Shawn Haws attended a meeting at the Governors School Oct. 25 and plans to present his findings to the board. 

Haws also will bring more information regarding the possibility of adding a health science specific Governor’s School that would be in addition to the current Humanities Governor’s School and STEM Governor’s School. 

After debating budget issues with transportation and enrollment fees, the board decided it was best to wait on a decision. 

The Humanities Governor’s School, which includes a joint board tuition fee and a SVCC dual enrollment tuition fee, would cost $4,651.84 per student.  

The STEM Governor’s School, which would cost the full SVCC dual enrollment tuition fee, would cost $1,839.50.  

 “When looking at the possible health science specific Governor’s School, it would be funded similar to that of the STEM Academy. There would be a full tuition for that program,” said Haws. 

Transportation cost is expected to run roughly $36,690 according to Superintendent Dr. Merle Herndon.

 “The cost estimate would be $1.75 a mile plus the cost of the bus driver, which at $70 a day would be roughly $12,600,” Herndon said. 

At last month’s meeting, ED-2 Trustee Karen Hopkins requested the board hear from Haws after his Oct. 25 meeting, and Herndon assured everyone there was still time for the board to come back in November with a decision.