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Authority OKs deed exchange for future water system improvements

The Halifax County Service Authority Board of Directors approved a deed of exchange between the Town of South Boston and the authority after coming out of a closed session following its regular meeting Thursday in the board room on Houghton Avenue.

According to Authority Executive Director Mark Estes, the deed will correct a previous land transfer from the town to the authority for lots 1-4 of 15 lots in parcel 68 located on Estes Street for two parcels identified by the authority for future water system improvements.

In other business Thursday afternoon during the regular meeting, the board was updated on authority project activity.

 Estes informed the board the original contract time was 501 calendar days for the Maple Avenue Waste Water Treatment Project, and 42 calendar days have been added to the contract to allow for nine change orders. 

The project is now scheduled for a final completion date of January. The contract for inspection was extended with both Dewberry and the Southside Planning District.  

The second digester is scheduled to go online Monday, and the turbex blowers’ delivery date is now late December. The second cascade aeration basin is now under construction, and modifications on the air diffusers and blower have begun.

Updating board members on the Cowford Road Project, Estes said engineers are evaluating the flow conditions and determining the capacity needed for the equalization and receiving interceptor. 

Estes said he had real concerns of the current adequacy of the Sutphin Road interceptor and the potential capacity issues with future industrial development in the Town of Halifax and Sinai Fan Park.

He said he asked the engineer to review the adequacy and capacity of the Sutphin Road interceptor and advise of the impact this may have on the Cowford Road conversion project. The section of the Sutphin Road interceptor that needs further evaluation is a 2.8-mile section of 12-15 sewer mains that provides gravity flows from the Centerville-Sinai drainage area and follows Poplar Creek to Railroad Avenue.

The authority executive director also updated the board on the Webb Park project telling the board that Transco-Williams Gas Pipeline Company is constructing a two-inch pipeline through the Webb Park area which will cross the Webb Park sewer main near Avondale Drive. 

Estes said Williams Gas easements have been negotiated by Williams Gas –Transco with affected property owners. Williams has asked the authority to manage and fund the project with reimbursement to the authority under a negotiated contract. 

Estes said he hopes to have a draft contract and easement for the board to review and take action at the November meeting.

Anderson has completed the design of the station and force main for the Lasco Pump Station Project, Estes said. The authority also has obtained permit approvals from the Department of Environmental Quality for the project. 

According to Estes, the authority will have to secure an easement from Tvilum for the bore under the Norfolk Southern RW line that serves Presto products. Tvilum is currently in acquisition, and an alternative route is being studied with the understanding that it may be difficult obtaining the easement with the critical time on this project. 

Estes said they’re looking for advertisements to go out by the first of November.

Delays continue on the South Boston Energy Project, Estes said. They are still in the test phase of the project, and all that remains are control and automation issues. The industrial pretreatment program is in place, and testing of the reclaim system began on Oct. 18. The authority has been supplying potable water at published rates for the testing phase of the project.

 The board also was updated on the status of the HCSA facilities plan.  

According to Estes, staff is currently in the process of collecting and providing infrastructure data for the system model and analysis for the facilities plan developed under contract with Draper Aden. The estimated cost of the services by Draper Aden is  $85,000. 

The facilities plan is an organized approach to replacing the critical water and sewer infrastructure in a progressive and concise manner based on several factors to determine criticality of each line segment, both sewer and water, Estes said.

He said work is ahead of schedule for the Leigh Street Water plant solids removal project. The authority executive director said the equalization tank will come online on Nov. 18 with connection of the filter back wash line. One change order has been completed.  

The order was for the replacement of a 16-inch lead joint cast iron pipe as it exits the water filter plant and enters the distribution system. The 16-inch discharge main line section was in critical shape and in conflict with a new drain line to the equalization tank. 

Staff worked through Tuesday night and into Wednesday morning for the repair, Estes said. They should be able to discontinue the discharge to the Dan River and vacate the discharge permit before Dec. 31 as scheduled.

 Also during the meeting Thursday afternoon, Sarah Dunavant of We the People and Andrew Lester of Roanoke River Basin Association presented the board with a certificate of appreciation for their efforts in the fight against uranium mining. 


The certificate read: “With your support our powerful coalition of over 60 government entities an dozens of businesses and nonprofits thwarted efforts to overturn the ban in the General Assembly, protecting our water quality, communities and economy. Despite this great victory our crucial work continues, and we hope that as we gear up for 2014, you will reaffirm your commitment to protecting the ban.”