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VFW Post marks 67th anniversary

It has been 67 years since a group of men who had a common bond organized what today is known as Halifax VFW Post 8243.

Recently members, joined by their accompanying ladies auxiliary, celebrated the anniversary.

On Aug 29, 1946 a group of men who had fought for their country in a foreign war, gathered in a building in Centerville to officially form Post 8243 of the Halifax Veterans of Foreign Wars.  

Later they would move to their current location on Hwy. 501 in Halifax near the Banister River.

Charter members of Halifax VFW Post 8243 included Jack Bane, John L. Bray, C. J. Brown, Samuel Burton, James R. Chaffin, Howard T. Chaney Hansen W. Compton, James W. Conner, Charles E. Crosby, Luther Covington, Dosey W. Daniel, William Day, John Dickerson, Luther Dodd, William H. Chaney, Lewis M. Epps, Beverly M. Estes, Noel T. Fallen, Thornton H. Fallen, James E. Greely, William Guill, James P. Hankins Jr, Edgar R. Henderson, Marvis G. Henderson, Raleigh Jennings, Elijah R. Johnson, Herbert Jones William T. Jones, Ernest C. Lacy, Elbert M. Lewis, Leonard M. Ligon, John B. Meredith, John B. Mills, Joe D. Murphy Jr., Earl C. Owen, Charles W. Payne, Sturgis G. Payne, Heath F. Pool, Robert G. D. Pottage Jr., Eugene W. Powell,  Luther T. Powell, William H. Quarles, Charles E. Yancey, Phillip O. Yeatts, Elijah B. Roark, Chester W. Roller, Charles B. Seamster, Ernest L. Solomon, James B. Stanley, Wilson R. Thompson Joseph J. Yancey, William G. Walton, Aubin G. West, Clyde J. White, Robert B. Whitmore Jr., Charles N. Wilkins, Calvin W. Wilmouth, Peter R. Whitt, Cecil A. Palmer, Francis L. Hunt, Alexander B. Crenshaw, Morrell L. Clarke, Kermit B. Garber, Gustavious T. Fallen, Sandy W. Reaves, Lawrence R. Walden, Bernard McKinney, Irving F. Hodnett, William G. Harris, Willie Dunkley, George M. Nichols, Mac Long, John E. Hall, M. W. Henderson, O. J. Lowery, J. L. Tune, J. E. Shields, P. A. Satterfield, R. K. Slayton.

These men were a special band of brothers who had seen the horrors of war and survived to come home to their families and loved ones, according to VFW members who celebrated the 67th anniversary earlier this month. They served in foreign lands such as Germany, Italy, North Africa, Japan and the Philippines leaving their homes not knowing if they would ever return home again. 

The soldiers faced many hardships and dangers while in service for their country, but these men came home to become productive members of their communities.

Today 67 years later the men of VFW Post 8243 said they still believe in the ideals that set them apart. 

According to the post’s constitution, VFW Post 8243 is a patriotic organization that focuses on history and education in an effort to preserve and strengthen comraderey among its members 

The group perpetuates the memory and history of its dead and assists the widows and orphans. It maintains true allegiance to the government of the United States of America and fidelity to its constitution and laws. Members maintain and extend the institutions of American freedom and preserve and defend the United States from its enemies.

At its Aug. 22 meeting, several of the ladies auxiliary members made a cake and provided ice cream for the men to celebrate the post’s 67th anniversary.  At the meeting, 5th District Commander Dave Kipfinger attended the celebration.


Halifax Post Commander Odie Lewis said he hopes future years will be productive ones with the ideals of the Veterans of Foreign Wars remaining strong for Post 8243.