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County teachers get lesson at convocation

There wasn’t a straight face in the Halifax County High School auditorium Thursday.

Wearing baggy jeans, a colorful jacket, a do-rag and baseball hat, he ran on stage.

“Thank you for not failing me,” said keynote and motivational speaker Dr. Adolph Brown III.

His audience was Halifax County Public School teachers, administrators and staff attending teacher convocation. 

Brown had been mingling among them prior to his entrance on stage in somewhat questionable attire.

One teacher had pulled him aside with a smile and asked him to sit down.

“She was nipping it in the bud before anything got started,” said Brown, who added that a smile doesn’t cost anything. 

Another coach in the midst of everyone took time to say something to him about his attire.

“This was me. You didn’t let it happen,” said Brown pointing to his attire.

Brown told the audience that when you judge people, you don’t have time to love them.

Raised by a single mother overcoming extreme poverty, violence and welfare, Brown was able to become the “world’s greatest edu-tainer” he is today.

He constantly reminded educators in the room that it’s all about making the connection. “It’s about relationships.”

For nearly two hours, Brown shared experiences and stories of his life with the educators. He’d throw in a dance, some music and kept everyone laughing, but he never lost sight of the reason he was there.

“Education is the one thing no one can take away,” said Brown.

He told of difficulties he faced while in school because his father didn’t make payments to his mother, and sometimes they were forced to go without electricity and water. 

His teacher wouldn’t accept his homework because it was all over the paper, but what she didn’t know was he didn’t have lights. But he did have a few teachers who came to his defense, including a third grade teacher who bought him clothes and travels with him to this day.

“My bus driver saved the day. He acted like he was lost one day, so I could stay on the bus longer and finish my homework,” said Brown.

Brown gave appreciation to the bus drivers, custodians, cafeteria workers and maintenance employees. 

“We’re all on the same team,” he added. “Everybody’s heart looks the same.”

Throughout his presentation, Brown kept referring to teachers having a wheelbarrow and how they have to put all of their students in their wheelbarrow. They can’t pick and choose.

He is the father of seven kids, including a special needs child, who each have different interests ranging from music to sports. After sharing about his family with the audience, he asked the educators if they’d have room in their wheelbarrow for all of his children and their varied differences.

He concluded his presentation playing a various range of songs and dancing for the audience.

Director of Secondary Education/Student Services/Accountability Frosty Owens thanked Brown and presented him with a gift on behalf of Halifax County Public Schools.

Superintendent Dr. Merle Herndon thanked Brown and invited him back to speak with the Halifax County Middle and High School students this school year.

Brown signed books, DVDs, CDs and posters immediately following the presentation. 

Also recognized during the convocation were three Halifax County High School teachers who had achieved perfect attendance during the past school year including Douglas Newcomb, Kenneth Day and Adam Reeves.